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Tips Memulai Bisnis Kuliner

Bisnis kuliner merupakan salah satu tipe bisnis yang memiliki potensi besar. Karena seperti yang kita semua ketahui, makan adalah kebutuhan utama hidup. Mungkin tren bisnis di bidang lain bisa berubah dan mati seiring jalan, namun, kebutuhan akan makanan tidak akan pernah berubah. Maka dari itu, membangun bisnis kuliner adalah salah satu langkah yang baik buatContinue reading “Tips Memulai Bisnis Kuliner”

Introducing iSeller Integration with Jurnal!

What would happen if a full-featured POS platform integrated with a powerful accounting software? A perfect solution for your business! Good news for all business owners! Now using iSeller POS as your selling platform while posting transactions to Jurnal for further processing is now possible with the new add-on integration between iSeller and Jurnal! Thanks toContinue reading “Introducing iSeller Integration with Jurnal!”

Introducing Multi Currency in iSeller Online Store

Have you ever wanted to get more international customers? Having international customers will open the path to international market. But it was such a hassle getting the payment when your customers use different currency. Your customers could only pay in your country’s currency, and not everyone could do that. But no worries, because now, weContinue reading “Introducing Multi Currency in iSeller Online Store”

iSeller Simplifies Global Commerce with PayPal and Stripe Integration.

Jakarta, July 24, 2018 — iSeller Commerce, Indonesia’s leading cloud e-commerce and point-of-sale platform officially announces that it has entered collaboration with global online payment company, PayPal, to provide and facilitate online payments for iSeller’s merchants around the globe. International online trading is undoubtedly helping businesses of all sizes to compete internationally with unprecedented ease. ForContinue reading “iSeller Simplifies Global Commerce with PayPal and Stripe Integration.”

Special Offer: Free GO-SEND Shipping

It is a pleasure for me to finally announce that iSeller and GO-SEND have finally collaborate together to further support Indonesia’s small to medium enterprises. This integration enables all iSeller online store merchants to ship their products instantly with GO-SEND. This integration lets you easily sell and send your product effectively and efficiently. All youContinue reading “Special Offer: Free GO-SEND Shipping”

Introducing iSeller Online Store!

For this past few years, many business owner and researchers agree that the age of business especially retail is shifting to e-commerce rather than brick-and-mortar store. This resulted in a drastic increase in online store as well as online marketplace such as Lazada, AliExpress, JD, Shopee, and many more. Selling with your own online storeContinue reading “Introducing iSeller Online Store!”

What we shipped: 20 new features and counting

Finally, the highly anticipated iSeller big updates is here! Over the past months, we’ve been working on dozens of enhancements and new features based on our customers feedback. Our goal is to make managing and growing your business even easier and simpler — and our new updates deliver just that. From flexible notification settings toContinue reading “What we shipped: 20 new features and counting”

Introducing iSeller

Finally, the long anticipated commerce platform from Intersoft is here. Today, I’m pleased to introduce iSeller, an omni-channel commerce platform that was built from the ground up by leveraging the latest technology, solid business workflow engineering, end-to-end commerce features, streamlined inventory, digital payments, unified sales channels and most importantly, the best-in-class user experience. In a nutshell, iSeller provides all-in-one platformContinue reading “Introducing iSeller”