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No More Long Waiting, Express Payout is Here!

Kabar baik untuk Anda yang ingin payout setiap hari! iSeller sekarang sudah mengimplementasikan sistem payout setiap hari yang bisa Anda atur di web admin. Sebelumnya, semua transaksi iSeller dijadwalkan payout setiap H+2 rolling, dimana proses payout dilakukan hanya 2 kali dalam 1 minggu. Dengan fitur Express Payout, Anda bisa mencairkan omset penjualan setiap hari! UntukContinue reading “No More Long Waiting, Express Payout is Here!”

ShopeePay in iSeller: Special Program for You!

Bagi orang zaman now, pasti tahu atau paling tidak pernah dengar tentang Shopee, marketplace yang populer banget. Bahkan mungkin kamu sendiri salah satu pengguna Shopee. Shopee ini unik banget loh, karena tidak cuma menyediakan marketplace, tapi Shopee juga memiliki digital walletnya sendiri yaitu ShopeePay! Shopee Pay ini sekarang lagi naik daun nih karena kepraktisannya yangContinue reading “ShopeePay in iSeller: Special Program for You!”

Introducing QRIS: New Era for Digital Payment

Ada yang sudah pernah dengar tentang QRIS? Per tanggal 1 Januari 2020, Bank Indonesia menetapkan peraturan bahwa seluruh pembayaran non-tunai harus menggunakan QRIS. Tapi sebenarnya apa sih QRIS itu? QRIS sendiri merupakan singkatan dari Quick Response (QR) code Indonesian Standard. Secara singkat, sistem QRIS ini dapat digambarkan dengan seluruh pembayaran digital wallet (Go-Pay, DANA, danContinue reading “Introducing QRIS: New Era for Digital Payment”

Accept Payment Easily with iSeller Pay!

Simplify your payment experience using iSeller Pay! Need to accept payment without having to input your products? Or do you want to skip the hassle of activating all kinds of digital payments and cards payment? We now have a built-in payment acceptance feature in iSeller POS. Activate iSeller Pay in your store account, and you’re good to go! AcceptContinue reading “Accept Payment Easily with iSeller Pay!”

Introducing Multi Currency in iSeller Online Store

Have you ever wanted to get more international customers? Having international customers will open the path to international market. But it was such a hassle getting the payment when your customers use different currency. Your customers could only pay in your country’s currency, and not everyone could do that. But no worries, because now, weContinue reading “Introducing Multi Currency in iSeller Online Store”

Digital Voucher Made Easy with iSeller and Ultra Voucher

We look forward to grow Indonesia’s small business using the latest trend of technology. According to our CEO, Jimmy Petrus, we need to develop something appealing and easy-to-use. We believe that voucher payment is one that can fulfill those and give benefits to both merchants and customers. “iSeller is an online to offline business platformContinue reading “Digital Voucher Made Easy with iSeller and Ultra Voucher”

iSeller Top Feature Updates in Q3 2018

It’s been another month since our last monthly feature recap. In these past months, we’ve been pretty busy on crafting some of the best enhancements to keep iSeller the number one business platform of your choice. We have had some thoughts to make your business grow even more with our latest features, and minor yetContinue reading “iSeller Top Feature Updates in Q3 2018”

Gain Insights to Your Business with iSeller F&B Performance Reports

After your business is established and running well, you might be inclined to let things run as they are. However, it’s actually time to review, plan, and action again. After the crucial early stages of your business, you should regularly review your progress, identify which part of your business have run smoothly and which partContinue reading “Gain Insights to Your Business with iSeller F&B Performance Reports”

iSeller Admin App Is Now Available on iOS!

All iOS users, rejoice! Finally, the much anticipated iSeller Admin app for iOS is making its debut in the App Store, just a few months since we launched the Android version to the world. Powered by the company’s flagship Crosslight technology, iSeller Admin app sports beautifully-designed user interface and native experiences that comply to Apple’s latest designContinue reading “iSeller Admin App Is Now Available on iOS!”