Modernize your electronic store with
world-class retail platform

Running an electronic retail business made easy with iSeller POS Retail advanced features.
Complete with serial numbers tracking, integrated inventory system, and much more.

iSeller POS is really helpful for us to manage our 20+ retail outlet across the country, with their user-friendly POS and advanced integrated inventory system with serial number tracking. Very recommended, especially for multi-outlet retail store!

Our sales and operational management became so efficient thanks to iSeller POS, especially their realtime dashboard feature, digital payment, and comprehensive inventory system. Their solutions, features and support are all top-notch!

Retail Business Management Made Easy!

Multi outlet

No more headache while managing your outlets. iSeller supports multi-outlet system to help you managing your product inventory better!

Serial number

Track your products easily based on their serial numbers. Check product status right from your iSeller admin.

Integrated inventory system

Not only can you track your product, you can also check product inventory in each outlet and warehouse using our integrated inventory system.

Complete Report

See complete reports of each outlet easily. From sales reports to user reports, all are compiled comprehensively.

Stok opname

Compare your inventory data with a real product stock in the warehouse easily. Reduce the error in data input using the Stock Opname feature.

Integrate online store

Don't limit your selling channels. Expand your business by selling online to reach more customers. With iSeller, your can manage both your online and offline store within one platform.

What can you do with
Serial Number?


Register each product's serial number or IMEI with CSV format template to make it easier.


Delete wasted products that can't be sold anymore. You can also see the previously deleted products using the filter.


You can check each product status, is it still available to sell or not, low stock or not, or maybe if it has been sold or not, all can be checked easily.


To make the administration easier, you can export your serial number data in CSV format.

Track product location

Do you have many outlets? You can easily track your product location, like which outlet your products are in.

See History

You can also check the list of product in and out.

How iSeller helps your
electronic business?

Efficient product tracking

No need to manually checking your products in each outlet because you can track the product location and status easily.

Easier Product Administration

With multi-outlet system, you can manage your product administration easier and faster.

Integrated Inventory System

If you need to transfer your products, you don't need to input the data manually because all can be managed in one iSeller system.

Fraudless and Riskless

You can track product location using iSeller serial number to reduce any fraud-risk.