Marketplace Integration Software - Multi Channel
E-Commerce Management Solution

Sell on popular marketplaces and streamline all your orders, inventory, customers, and price management in a single interface with iSeller. And best of all, it integrates to POS system and online store natively.

Support Major Indonesian Marketplaces


The #1 multi-channel solution in Indonesia trusted by premium brands

Benefits Of Marketplace Integration

A single view of your business. Finally.

Quit manually merging sales channel data. View all your offline brick-and-mortar and online marketplace sales reports in one iSeller dashboard.

Sync inventory and avoid overselling

Over-selling inventory causes massive delays in delivery and erodes brand loyalty. Whenever and wherever a sale happens, iSeller automatically adjusts & syncs inventory, and updates the channels to avoid overselling products you no longer have.

Easily list your products on multiple marketplaces

Reach new customers no matter where they shop by listing your iSeller products, in bulk, on popular marketplaces, such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Lazada, and more.

Eliminate manual data entry

Say goodbye to redundant data entry by managing all your different marketplace product listings from iSeller. Spend 80% of your time better on growing your business.

iSeller as source of truth

iSeller is the operating system of your business, streamlining all your business processes no matter where you sell. Marketplace orders get sent to iSeller so you can fulfill all orders from a single interface.

Marketplace Listing Features

iSeller has all the features to help you easily showcase your products to as many customers as possible on all marketplaces.

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Bulk list your products to all marketplaces

Our catalog manager follows the different standards of each marketplace. With powerful variation management, your customers will see your products just the way you want them to. Whether you have 5 products or 50000, iSeller helps you get them listed for sale quickly.

10x faster product listing

Our proprietary smart listing technology shortens the time needed to list your products. By remembering your settings as you go, iSeller helps you ready each category of items you sell so you spend less time listing and more time selling.

Update listings in bulk quickly and easily

Need to make a change to one, or all, of your products? iSeller links your listings back to one central catalog, so you only need to make a change once and it will update all marketplaces.

Inventory Management Features

Seamlessly sync inventory and keep all your marketplace inventories accurate to avoid overselling.

Powerful inventory management for all marketplaces

iSeller provides you with centralized inventory management from one easy-to-use interface. Easily view and manage your available, reserved, and on-hand stock levels across all your warehouses, and make changes using our Excel-like bulk editor. With automatic and continuous inventory syncing, say goodbye to overselling (and underselling).

Greater business flexibility with smart multi-warehouse automation

Customize each marketplace to only show inventory from one warehouse, or sync all of your stock everywhere you sell.

Shipping Tools

Seamlessly sync inventory and keep all your marketplace inventories accurate to avoid overselling.

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Ship orders with fulfillment by JNE, J&T, SiCepat, and more

Easily request for orders to be picked up by JNE, J&T, SiCepat for fulfillment. Once orders are picked up, iSeller automatically alerts the sales channel where the order was placed and provides the tracking number for the shipment.

Print shipping labels from one

Save time and money by printing shipping labels directly in iSeller. Once an order is shipped, iSeller automatically alerts the sales channel where the order was placed and provides the tracking number for the shipment.

Why iSeller?


iSeller is #1 omni-channel commerce platform in Indonesia with end-to-end features and ecosystem. We offer total solution for your business.


Manage all your products, inventories and customers only from one platform. You can even do it right from your phone.


You don’t need to manage your outlets manually. All sales and products data will be synchronized in a centralized system.


Access interactive dashboard and reports from desktop or mobile app to help you manage your business anytime, anywhere.


Grow your business efficiently with our easy-to-use management system.


If you have any questions or inquiries, you can contact our support team anytime. We are always ready to help you.