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What we shipped: 20 new features and counting

Finally, the highly anticipated iSeller big updates is here! Over the past months, we’ve been working on dozens of enhancements and new features based on our customers feedback. Our goal is to make managing and growing your business even easier and simpler — and our new updates deliver just that. From flexible notification settings to powerful product variant editor and gorgeous multi-lingual storefront, you’ll find the right tools at your fingertips to manage your business in a more effective and productive way.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 20 most interesting features that we shipped in the past month.

Flexible notification settings

Say goodbye to tedious, manual orders monitoring! The new notification settings allows you to easily configure notifications the way you desire — what type of event, when it should be sent, and how is the trigger. By default, the notifications will be sent to the user’s email address. However, if you logged in with iSeller Admin app (available for both iOS and Android), the notification for the mobile device will be automatically created. In addition, you can setup notifications for your teammate as well.

Receive real-time notifications wherever you go

This feature allows you to receive various notifications which are sent automatically to the user’s email address. The notifications include order notification, low-stock notification, fulfilment notification, and system notification. For order notifications, we provide several options when you want to receive the notifications including real time which is the default, every hour with definable value, or only when the register is closing. You can find notification settings under Settings menu in the iSeller web admin.


The following image shows some examples of the notification emails. They have been designed for both desktop and mobile email clients, and work best in most popular email clients.


Customizable email template notifications

With a little bit of HTML knowledge, you could customize your own email template notifications! The most common case would be translating the textual content to the language you prefer. You can also add more details to the notifications which weren’t provided initially.


Managing product has just got even easier

Running daily business operation could be challenging when you have a lot of products to manage, pricing and inventory to update. That’s why we packed several powerful features in our products management to make it even easier and simple for you to manage products. We introduced new ways to set a relative price for each product variant, eliminating the needs to manually calculate the product variant’s price. In addition, you can now define additional descriptions for your product. More importantly, the product module has been significantly updated to align with the brand new Online Store channel, enabling you to define shipping options for each product, customize the SEO aspects, and much more. Keep on reading!

Add variant group image and product descriptions

You can now add image to each variant group to present your product variants in a more elegant way. When variant group image is found, the web storefront will automatically display the specified image instead of the standard text of the variant. In addition, you can also provide a description to your product variant group.


Enable relative price in product variant

This feature allows you to easily define the relative price difference of each variant group, so you no longer need to calculate the price for each product variant manually. Let’s see the illustration below to get the big picture.


From the above picture, notice that the M and L variants has its relative price defined. In the storefront, the actual product price of the variants will be automatically calculated relative to the base price. Managing variant pricing is now a whole lot more easier and neat.

Provide additional descriptions for your product

This feature allows you to insert any additional descriptions for your product. We have provide various different options for you when you create a new additional description. See the image below.


As seen above, these additional descriptions will show different options as you choose a particular option, for example:

  • Adding description for kitchen printer will provide different description written in the kitchen display system. Many expert chefs might want their own language style to make them more comfortable.
  • Adding description for receipt printer will provide different description written in the receipt printer. This particular feature is useful when you wanted to abbreviate certain product printed in the customer’s receipt printer.
  • Product description localization allows you to add different descriptions in multiple language for the same product. When you change your language, additional description will automatically change as well. See below image for more information:


  • From the image above we could see that when you change your language from English to Bahasa Indonesia, additional description of the product is automatically changed as well.
  • Storefront additional descriptions allow you to create dropdown additional description that might consists more detailed descriptions of a particular product.
    We will discuss more about this feature on our next post. Keep reading!

Enable shipping options and edit product weight

When you enable shipping options for a particular product, the product will be required to be shipped when purchased from Online Store channel. During checkout, the shipping options will automatically appear which allow customers to choose their shipping method. The value specified in product weight will be automatically used for shipping rate calculation in the checkout.


Reach more visitors with built-in Search Engine Optimization

The SEO setting lets you optimize the product appearance and discoverability in the search engine, which plays an important role in making a successful online store. You can customize the product’s URL handle, the page title, description and other metadata related to the product.


Order management improvements

With our main goal to make business management simple and easier, we’re making available a series of improvements to the order management. You can now quickly find more detailed information of an order, including shipping and payment method for online orders. In addition, you can now perform manual refund on certain orders which automatically take care all tedious processes behind the scene.

Manually refund orders

Mistakes happen, so refunding orders shouldn’t be tedious. Along with the Online Store channel availability in this update, we have updated our order management to support refund function right from the iSeller order management. The refund process is designed to be smart — taking account all aspects of the channel, payment and shipping components of the order.

Specifically for online orders, refund will automatically reverse the charge of the payment for the supported iSeller Pay options such as credit card. In case the customers used a payment type that doesn’t support automatic reversal, iSeller lets you choose several manual refund options depending on your store configuration — for instance, loyalty point and gift card option will be shown if your store enabled those options.


As seen in the above image, by default, discount and manual refund options will always be available for non-reverseable payment types.

Payment and shipping method information for online orders

We’ve added a few more details for you to quickly see the payment method and shipping method used in online orders — all centralized in a single view.blog-method

Customizable weight unit and unit system

This new setting allows you to choose your preferred unit system which is particularly useful for shipping purpose. Some Americans might be more comfortable using the metric system while the rest of the world might be more comfortable using the imperial system. Either way, you could simply edit it as you like.


Flexible online tax configuration

Taxes is a tough stuff, specifically when it comes to online store purchase which has different regulation in each country. We understand that challenges, so we run extra miles by giving you the flexibility to define tax rates for each country. This once again enables you to reach wider market segmentation and sell globally!


Beyond the country level, you can also provide different online tax configuration down to the states/province level — giving you ultimate controls on taxes configuration.


Accept online payment with just a tap

Along with iSeller Online Store channel availability, we have partnered with major banks and payment gateways to make it super easy for you to accept payments online. In the Payment settings, you can now find a variety of payment options available at your fingertip. Branded as iSeller Pay, you can just switch on the payment options you preferred, and they will appear on your checkout site.

iSeller Pay currently supports all major credit card brands including International VISA, Master, and AMEX — as well as a wide array of local payment methods such as ATM, bank transfer, internet banking, mobile banking, and convenience stores. We’ll be adding more payment support to iSeller Pay in the near future. In addition to iSeller Pay, we also plan to introduce support for external world-class payment gateways, so you can use your existing payment gateways if you prefer.


Versatile shipping configuration

iSeller’s main goal has been always making selling easier anywhere on any devices. To achieve our goal, we need to streamline the process of selling in a whole big picture. And specific to the online selling, the shipping and delivery has been seen as one of the most tedious and challenging process, often causing chaos if not handled effectively. Thankfully, iSeller now provides end-to-end integration with major shipping carriers, making selling and shipping truly simple for once and all! All you need to do is simply packaging your products, sit back and relax, and wait your goods to be picked up at the specified schedule.


Shipping adjustment

Another wonderful feature is automatic shipping price adjustment where you can easily set additional price for your shipments. It is useful to cover unexpected costs that typically occur in shipment such as the discrepancy of product’s weight, handling fees, and other possible admin costs.

Blog-Adjustment In the example above, we could see that the adjusment amount is Rp 15,000 which means the amount will be added to the actual shipping price. The same is true for percentage. If both specified, percentage will be considered first prior to the fixed amount.

International shipping

Beyond local carriers, we have also partnered with global shipping carriers so you can ship your products anywhere in the world. As we move forward, we will add more shipping carriers to let you decide which shipping and method suits you best.

intl shipping

Manual shipping rate by weight and price

Another useful feature in this update is manual shipping rate definition which allows you to manually add your own shipping rate with specific weight and price.


The custom shipping rates gives you the flexibility to use your own carriers or define custom price rules to suit your business needs.

Automatic shipment tracking

In addition to realtime shipping price on checkout, iSeller also pushes realtime notification on every shipment update.


As seen in the image above, you can quickly discover the shipment status of each order in the store admin. From the customer’s end, they can also see the shipment updates progress by logging in to the store with their account. This provide ultimate comfortability and transparency for customers which increase their loyalty and boost your revenues.


All these updates we delivered in the recent release was a truly remarkable milestone for iSeller — setting a new gold standard in omni-channel commerce SaaS platform. With great emphasize on user experience and strong set of features, we finally made selling much easier anywhere, both in-store and online. We hope you enjoyed our updates as much as we enjoyed building it for you. Not signed up yet? Register your store today and see what iSeller has to offer to help you sell more and grow your business.

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