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Produk Kamu Punya Banyak Topping? Kelola dengan Fitur iSeller Modifier

It’s fun to have so many toppings for your product. Not only will it benefit the customer, it can also raise your profit. Read more to know how to manage it well with iSeller Modifier!

No More Long Waiting, Express Payout is Here!

Kabar baik untuk Anda yang ingin payout setiap hari! iSeller sekarang sudah mengimplementasikan sistem payout setiap hari yang bisa Anda atur di web admin. Sebelumnya, semua transaksi iSeller dijadwalkan payout setiap H+2 rolling, dimana proses payout dilakukan hanya 2 kali dalam 1 minggu. Dengan fitur Express Payout, Anda bisa mencairkan omset penjualan setiap hari! UntukContinue reading “No More Long Waiting, Express Payout is Here!”

Introducing Multi Currency in iSeller Online Store

Have you ever wanted to get more international customers? Having international customers will open the path to international market. But it was such a hassle getting the payment when your customers use different currency. Your customers could only pay in your country’s currency, and not everyone could do that. But no worries, because now, weContinue reading “Introducing Multi Currency in iSeller Online Store”

Easy iSeller Subscription Payment with OVO, GO-PAY, Internet Banking and More

First of all, happy new year 2019! Kicking off the new year, we’re thrilled to introduce some new cool stuff that will surely improve your business productivity. You can now pay your iSeller subscription with ease using GO-PAY, OVO, eBanking, mBanking, BNI Yap!, or simply visit your nearest convenience store. We have been receiving feedback regardingContinue reading “Easy iSeller Subscription Payment with OVO, GO-PAY, Internet Banking and More”

Introducing Full Mobile Support for iSeller Web Admin

The much anticipated mobile support for iSeller web admin is finally here, thanks to all our customers for the feedback! Need to update product price but forgot to bring your laptop? No worries, just launch the browser from your iPhone or Android devices, and login to iSeller web admin with your account as usual. With full mobile supportContinue reading “Introducing Full Mobile Support for iSeller Web Admin”