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iSeller Simplifies Global Commerce with PayPal and Stripe Integration.

Jakarta, July 24, 2018 — iSeller Commerce, Indonesia’s leading cloud e-commerce and point-of-sale platform officially announces that it has entered collaboration with global online payment company, PayPal, to provide and facilitate online payments for iSeller’s merchants around the globe. International online trading is undoubtedly helping businesses of all sizes to compete internationally with unprecedented ease. ForContinue reading “iSeller Simplifies Global Commerce with PayPal and Stripe Integration.”

Introducing iSeller and BNI Yap! E-wallet Integration

As mentioned in my previous blog, we have planned various integration with top industry players this year! And it is an honor for me to announce that iSeller is now fully integrated with BNI Yap!, the first approved e-wallet app in Indonesia. In this post, I will share with you all about BNI Yap andContinue reading “Introducing iSeller and BNI Yap! E-wallet Integration”