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Introducing iSeller

Finally, the long anticipated commerce platform from Intersoft is here. Today, I’m pleased to introduce iSeller, an omni-channel commerce platform that was built from the ground up by leveraging the latest technology, solid business workflow engineering, end-to-end commerce features, streamlined inventory, digital payments, unified sales channels and most importantly, the best-in-class user experience. In a nutshell, iSeller provides all-in-one platform for selling in-store, online and on the go, as well as accepting payments with various payment methods.


One of the biggest issues in existing commerce platforms are that their core was primarily built for a single channel, either point-of-sale or e-commerce. When they extend their platform to support the other channels, things are getting messed up as settings become redundant and the workflows become confusing, requiring you to workaround your business workflows to fit the platform. Among many of its unique concepts, iSeller was primarily designed to solve those fundamental issues, enabling people to sell products with a true omni-channel experience. Now, let’s do a quick overview on the iSeller platform, and touring the point-of-sale channel later.

One platform to sell and accept payments everywhere

At the core of its heart, iSeller platform is comprised of a powerful, full featured backend running on the cloud, and a variety of sales channels in the front sporting integrated payment system. In shorter word, iSeller is an omni commerce and omni payment platform which lets you easily add products once, sell them on the channels you prefer, and start accepting payments in minutes. See the following illustration for a high level overview of the platform.

iSeller Platform Overview

As seen above, iSeller is not just a point-of-sale app. It’s also not only an e-commerce storefront. It’s an end-to-end solution that lets you easily run, manage, and grow your business. It includes over 300 business tools and unique commerce foundation, from unlimited product variant, inventory per outlet management, customer management, loyalty, multi payment, flexible order fulfillments, employee work shifts to real-time reports and actionable analytics.

Best of all, iSeller provides transparent and flexible plans that you can choose based on your current business size, starting from a low flat $25/month. You can compare the available plans here, and learn all features from our official iSeller page here.

Next, let’s tour our point-of-sale system and see what we’ve in store for you. Read on.

Point-of-sale tailored for your business

Point-of-sale has been long thought as a huge black box with lot of cables to plug. Most people asked technician guys to come to install and prep the hardware. When building our own POS system, we have strong desire to change those old principle, for once and all. Our design principle is to keep things simple and easy. And we started with a question that finally becomes the foundation of our entire design: why can’t buying and setting up a POS  as simple as a Mac, or an iPhone, or an Apple TV? One that you can do it yourself easily and quickly without requiring IT guys. The one that is simple enough to setup, with no tedious cables to plug. The one with hardware and software perfectly integrated, so you can simply start the app and connect to the device in a few taps. Meet iSeller POS, the point-of-sale reimagined.


Unlike other generic systems, iSeller POS is built upon “user experience first” design approach, ensuring the most optimal workflows for a particular business type which results in fewer taps and faster checkouts. It is the only point-of-sale in the market that gives you unique experiences tailored for your business type. So if you’re running the iSeller POS for restaurant edition, you won’t see unnecessary retail-specific features. In this release, iSeller POS is available in three editions: RetailRestaurants, and Express.

iSeller Editions

Although there are multiple edition of iSeller POS apps, there’s only one backend that powers them all. This is where iSeller really shine on. When you created a store with a specific business type, iSeller automatically optimize the store settings for that particular type. For instance, some modules related to F&B such as Product Modifiers and Table Layout Designer will appear only when your store was created with F&B business type.

Product Modifiers

When it comes to POS hardware, we wanted to support as much common peripherals as possible. More importantly, we wanted users to be able to add peripherals in hassle-free manner, with fewest steps possible. We made tedious and complex tasks into a simple interface, thanks to the iSeller Hardware Wizard which automatically discover nearby peripherals. iSeller POS reinvented point-of-sale with hardware and software that works best together.

Add hardware

Last but not least, if you’d like to get started with iSeller POS as quickly as possible, we highly recommend you to look at our available POS packages here, so you can simply order it from us online, and just sit back and relax.

Next, one last thing to cover, a classic question – why choose iSeller over other commerce platform? Well, the best answer would be to try and experience it out yourself, but if you want to get quick insights, keep reading on.

Unique and better in every way

Yep, you read the heading right – that’s the answer, in deed a very short one.

iSeller was designed from the bottom up with a lot of thoughts and years of engineering expertise combined together. It’s the result of excellent craftsmanship of the entire team combined, with hundreds of iterations from concept to design to implementation. That said, we believe you’ll find iSeller as the most forward thinking commerce platform available in the market today. In shorter word, iSeller is omni-channel commerce done right.

Omni-channel commerce done right

We didn’t just focused on the app’s design and experience, but the entire iSeller experience from the front-end to back-end. One small yet impactful difference in iSeller is how we pay attention to every little details to the web admin, perfecting it with smooth and sleek interactions. We understand that you’ll be spending most of your time with the web admin to administer products, inventory, looking at dashboard and reports – that’s why we designed our admin interface to be fully customizable with your favorite color theme. In contrary, all other platforms forced you to look at their dull appearance – black, grey, and white colors.

Personalizable themes

In conclusion, from advanced PaaS concept, authentic experience design and multitude of innovative features to flexible multi-tiered subscriptions – there’s none like what iSeller has to offer. Learn more about iSeller’s differences here.


Now that you’ve learnt what iSeller has to offer, we hope you’re excited to get started as much as we do. Ready to start your business with iSeller? Sign up now in just 5 minutes and experience iSeller for yourself.

We’ve also prepared a FAQ page that might answer most of your questions. Check it out here. In the next few weeks, our team will be posting more getting started guides and how you can leverage iSeller’s powerful features to help you get more done in less time. Stay tuned for our next post.

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