All-in-one F&B
Point of Sales (POS) System

Meet iSeller for Restaurants – the revolutionary POS that streamlines your whole restaurant operation. It's built for front of house and back of house. Now integrates with online ordering too.


Online Order & Delivery.New

Increase your sales and reach out to more customers with a beautiful, mobile app-like online ordering website.

Build your own online
ordering store in minutes

Accept online
payments instantly

Streamlined order,
inventory, and customer

Self pick up and
delivery options

Faster check-in from intuitive table layout screen.

Get a bird-eye view over your tables, check table's availability instantly, and activate a table in a single tap.
Checking-in has never been easier.

Multiple zones and floors

Various table shapes and sizes

Quickly check table status

View bill and quick checkout

Restaurant-class workflows.

The iSeller's restaurant edition is designed to fit naturally to your business workflow, not otherwise. Streamline all processes from order taking, kitchen management and food processing to delivery in timely fashion.

Tables and billing management.

More than just a typical point of sale, iSeller gives you ultimate flexibility and control over your tables and billing management specifically designed for your restaurants, from split and merge tables, to transfer items and more.

Split, change and merge tables

Split and merge bills

Transfer items

Flexible check-in/out tables

Take orders faster at nearby point-of-order.

Slow orders are things of a past. Now you can easily deploy iSeller point-of-order in strategic spots in your restaurant and let servers take orders from nearest point. Best of all, information across all point-of-order stays updated in realtime allowing servers to access orders and perform common actions at any order point.

Level up your kitchen management with smart kitchen display.

Missed orders and overdue delivery are things of the past. iSeller kitchen display notifies incoming orders neatly based on first-come-first-serve basis. Chefs can easily tap on processed items to mark completion. Welcome to the next-generation kitchen management!

Better, streamlined, more efficient workflows

Simple, intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Go paperless and help save the earth

Improve delivery time, no more missing orders

Flexible modifiers and comboset products.

In addition to standard product types, iSeller supports certain product types specifically built for F&B business type.

Start your business with iSeller POS for F&B!

Download now and start selling in minutes!