Modernize your food court with
powerful, NFC-capable POS system

Beyond just a POS system, iSeller transforms your food courts to the next level with
Contactless Ordering and built-in NFC payments.

Digitalize your ordering system using iSeller F&B
Online Ordering

With iSeller F&B Online Ordering multi-tenant feature, you can your own website. One website for all tenants!

Tenant catalog interface

Complete selling features

Supports various digital payments

Logistic integration


Pick-up in Store



iSeller NFC, easy, quick and
safe payment method for
your foodcourt!

Easier and safer payment method option for your foodcourt! With iSeller NFC, your customers don't need to bring cash anymore. They can just refill their card balance, then simply tap the NFC on the card reader to pay their foods!

How iSeller NFC will help you?

Centralized payment

Easily control the each payment with top-up system. Your customers can refill their balance in the central cashier, and pay their foods using the card.

Easy Payment

Simply tap the NFC on the card reader to pay. Faster and more comfortable process, no more long queue!

Less Risk of Human-Error

With a digitalized system, the risk of human-error happening will be greatly reduced. The system will automatically deduct the card balance based on the transaction amount.

Easy and Modern Payment

Made by the most advanced technology, iSeller NFC will greatly increase your revenue!

Buy the Card

New customers can buy their cards in the central cashier.


Top-up the card balance in the central cashier. A safe and digitalized top-up process, reduces the risk of fraud.

Easy Payment

Tap the card on the NFC reader which is available in every tenant. The system will automatically deduct the balance and finish the transaction.

Balance Refund

If there is any balance left in the NFC, customers can refund the balance in the central cashier. Nothing to lose for you and the customers!

Benefits of Using NFC for Your Business

Modern Payment System

Give a modern vibe to your foodcourt! Digitalize your payment by using top-up system!

Less Cash, Less Risk

Reduce the risk of human-error. With NFC technology, all payments will be processed digitally.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

A faster and more comfortable way of transaction will greatly reduced the queue, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Increase Revenue

With more customer satisfied, your revenue will be increased as well.

Safe Payment

No need to worry about any fraud happening. iSeller makes all process safe and under control.

Trusted by Premium Brands

iSeller Merchant - soetta iSeller Merchant - prasetya-mulya Haircut iSeller Merchant - foodmax iSeller Merchant - Menteng Hawkers iSeller Merchant - Huawei

Why use iSeller as your business platform?

Sell online, offline, anywhere

Expand your business channel and sell anywhere with omnichannel POS, perfect for your offline store, online store or mobile retail.

Easy access to your business

Review your sales report, gross, business profit, your products, brands and stores, to come up with the best strategy for your business.

Efficient operational management

Manage your products, prices, and customers from any location in any connected device.

Grow Your Business Faster

Growing your business is so much easier because you can manage your products, your staffs, your registers, and stores with only one click.

Integrated Multi-Outlet Management

No more need to manually managing your outlets one by one. All has been integrated in one system with Multi-Outlet feature.

Best Support Team

We have the best support team dedicated 24/7 to help you understand our hardware and management system better.