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Introducing Multi Currency in iSeller Online Store

Have you ever wanted to get more international customers? Having international customers will open the path to international market. But it was such a hassle getting the payment when your customers use different currency. Your customers could only pay in your country’s currency, and not everyone could do that. But no worries, because now, we have a brand new feature that allows you to use multiple currencies in your store!

This multiple currency feature allows your international customers to pay their orders with their country’s currency. Not only that, your customers can even see the price in their currency. How convenient, right? They do not have to go through all the converting and stuff. The only thing they need to do is to choose the currency at the top of the page.

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However, you do not have to worry about the payment you will receive. You will receive the payment in your currency. It even has the same amount as the price that you put. Maybe that leads to another question. What about the rate? This is what interesting about this feature. The rate, will not affect the your payment. It only affects the total price that your customer has to pay. You can even set the rate used in the checkout page by yourself! However, since the rate is changing over time, you need to update the rate manually. But, if you do not want to go through all that, you can take the easy way and use the automatic rate based on European Central Bank.

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The rate used in the checkout and the actual rate that your customer has to pay will be slightly different though. It depends on the customer’s bank rate. So, the actual price may differ for each customer. The customer will pay the price based on their bank rate. And because of this changing rate, the price may be changing too from time to time.

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What about the refund payment then? There maybe some case when your customer want their payment back. It might be difficult and complicated before, but now, with this new feature, you can do the refund process just like you do to your local customers. The only difference is, that the money refunded will be converted to the customer’s currency automatically. Also, the total amount will be based on the customer’s bank rate in the day you do the refund. Remember before, I explained that the payment will be based on the rate in the checkout time? This time, the rate used will be based on the day you do the refund. So, if we take this further, your customer can gain profit from the difference between the checkout rate and the refund rate. Interesting, right?

Okay, so what are you waiting for? Just turn this feature on through the simplest way. You just need to open your web admin, and turn on the button in your online store configuration. Also, we already made a more detailed explanation of this feature. Just click here to learn further.

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And there you are! You are ready to use this new feature. Expand your customers, and we hope that your store will be internationally well-known. If you haven’t joined us yet, you can register your account here. Be a part of our family and enjoy all of our incredible features. Subscribe to our blog and social media to stay updated. See you in our next post!

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