Build a Modern Barbershop with iSeller

Modernize your barbershop with iSeller self-service kiosk and advanced home service system.

Easily do the order and payment with iSeller self-service kiosk.

Integrate your business with iSeller self-service kiosk, make it possible for your customers to order and pay digitally by themselves. Take your service to another level and increase your customer satisfaction.

Reduce human-error with digital ordering and payment system. Fast and accurate.

Your customers can order by themselves. They can choose what kind of service they want, they can pay by themselves, they can even pick the recipe by themselves. iSeller self-service kiosk will process them automatically to reduce human-error.

Serve the customers with hairstylist app and IOT. Customer booth will work only when the app detects a success transaction.

With hairstylist app, hairstylists can scan QR code in the recipe to detect their payments. The system then will turn on the customer booth.

Scan QR Code

Start hairstyling session

Extend session

Finish session

Online website with advanced features for your home-service program

Do you have a home-service program or home-haircuts? iSeller provides you a perfect system, complete with booking-time interface. Our system also supports various digital payment method!

  • Advanced ordering features
  • Integrated checkout page
  • Booking time interface
  • Supports various digital payments
  • Centralized management system

How to use self-service kiosk?

Customers can order and pay with self-service kiosk in your barbershop. They can choose the service they want and pay with any method they want.

After payment, the kiosk will give them a recipe with QR Code on it. Then, the customers give the recipe to the hairstylists to be scanned.

Hairstylists will scan the QR code from the customers using the hairstylist app to turn on the customer booth.

If the app detects a valid transaction, customer booth can be used and customers can enjoy the service.

What are the benefits of using iSeller Self-Service Kiosk, Hairstylist App and IOT?


With self-service kiosk, you don't need to hire a cashier to process each transaction and payment. You can even save electric bill using IOT technology.


Say no more to long queue due to a faster transaction process. Customers can choose the service they want just with one click.


With integrated digital payment, you can reduce the risk of human-error. The recipe and QR code will be printed automatically from the system to eliminate fraud risk.


Your machine will be turned off if it is not used. With IOT technology and hairstylist app, the machine will only be turned on after the hairstylist scan the customer QR Code.


Avoid any fraudulent act using integrated digital system. Payment, recipe printing, customer booth activation, all are integrated digitally to give you a safe business process.

Why use iSeller as your business platform?

Sell online, offline, anywhere

Expand your business channel and sell anywhere with omnichannel POS, perfect for your offline store, online store or mobile retail.

Easy access to your business

Review your sales report, gross, business profit, your products, brands and stores, to come up with the best strategy for your business.

Efficient operational management

Manage your products, prices, and customers from any location in any connected device.

Grow Your Business Faster

Growing your business is so much easier because you can manage your products, your staffs, your registers, and stores with only one click.

Integrated Multi-Outlet Management

No more need to manually managing your outlets one by one. All has been integrated in one system with Multi-Outlet feature.

Best Support Team

We have the best support team dedicated 24/7 to help you understand our hardware and management system better.