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Introducing iSeller Online Store!

For this past few years, many business owner and researchers agree that the age of business especially retail is shifting to e-commerce rather than brick-and-mortar store. This resulted in a drastic increase in online store as well as online marketplace such as Lazada, AliExpress, JD, Shopee, and many more. Selling with your own online store has numerous advantages over e-marketplace, including enhanced branding, personalized shopping experience, direct customer engagement, and increased loyalty. However, building own storefront has several challenges such as costly design and development fees and required coding knowledge, not to mention server and resources cost to keep your storefront operating. With the latest iSeller release, those challenges are things of the past!

In this post, I’m thrilled to announce the availability of iSeller Online Store which lets you easily build your own storefront with over 50 professional-quality themes. Featuring world-class user experience, iSeller sports a powerful theme editor so that you can customize the storefront to your liking, all with just simple click-and-pick — absolutely no coding required. More than just product catalog, iSeller puts together integrated payment and shipping carriers that you can select in just a few taps, making selling online as easy as 1-2-3.

To get the big picture of online store features available in this release, here’s a short video that we’ve prepared for you.

Sell More with Online Store Channel

We understand that brick-and-mortar store alone is not enough in today’s digital era. Your business need to have an online presence to reach more customers and ultimately increase your revenues. The iSeller’s new online store channel helps you do that with a few pushes of buttons, so you can transform your offline business to online in the shortest time possible — with minimum effort and cost! That’s made possible, thanks to the innovative time-saving features built into iSeller like smart theme selector, powerful tap-and-pick editor, and Amazon-grade storefront with automatic variant selectors. Let’s explore more below.

Over 50 Gorgeous Themes

Designing just beautifully looking themes is easy — but designing one that looks beautiful with latest standards compliance is obviously not. Thankfully, all iSeller themes are designed with super-strict compliance with latest web standards including 100% support for mobile and tablet devices, so your online store will always look and feel great no matter how they land to your store.

Selecting your theme is easy, simply choose a theme that best suits to your brand from the Themes setting. What’s best is that you don’t need any programming or developing skills to create your own online store. All you have to do to is simple click and drop and voila! Your online store is up and running! 


Select your theme styles

After selecting your main theme, you can easily select your theme styles with swipes. What I meant by theme style is the header, body, and footer part of your online store. We provide more than 75 combinations of theme styles that you can choose effortlessly!


As seen above, you can see three different styles in the selected theme. This provides the utmost flexibility for you to create gorgeous online store that match your brand’s preferences and personality.

Fine tune your themes

After selecting your desired theme and theme style, it’s time to re-touch your theme and edit it to your heart’s content! You can edit the text, change the backgrounds, change the header position and its content, and many more stuff you can do. The image below with the red box shows where you could edit your themes. It’s your theme playground!

3 retouch theme

Even better, customizing a specific part — also known as widget — of the theme is easy. Let’s say you want to edit the grid banner of your online store, just click on the Grid Banner section in the editor. The section will expand and there will be numerous settings that you can edit. How interesting is that? See image below.

4 grid banner

As seen above, notice that as you expand the section, the preview area will be focused to the specific widget you’re editing, and all the list of items you can edit will be shown in the red box.

Personalize it your way

iSeller Online Store provides flexible design that you can easily edit without having to possess any programming skills. You can quickly create world-class storefronts with utmost user experience and owning the opportunity for you to sell globally. In the following, we will showcase some top iSeller storefronts to give you insights and ideas what could be possibly personalized for your store.

5 theme header

From the above image we could see the storefront display of our store BatikCantik. As I mentioned earlier, you can easily pick your theme style and in this case editing the header as well as change the text for each header lists. Aside from that, you can click “Products” header and a drop-down list of collections. Every element of the header is easily customizable! Here’s another example of our store Verslun, with different header style.

6 verslun theme

iSeller Online Store promotes the flexibility and freedom for you to edit you entire page and widgets. In addition to the header, you can also edit your grid banners. For some business, your grid banners might consist your current discounts and promotions as well as collections of dress and casual clothings and current favorite products like the image below!

7 batikcantik

Another store might want to insert a little bit of descriptions regarding the product or services you provide, like the Cantikayu store.

8 cantikayu

Play around with your creativity and choose the grid banner you prefer. You can consult us if you need design ideas for your store!

Last but not least, your storefront’s footer, much like the other widgets, can be changed easily without the need of programming skills. At this point, hopefully you’ve got the big picture and ideas how to design your storefront with iSeller.

9 cantikayu footer

100% responsive themes

Our award-winning designer built the storefront architecture and themes with extreme precision which produce 100% responsive themes. This means that all themes we provide is fully responsive when accessed in various platforms such as mobile, desktop, and tablets. It will automatically fit with different screen resolution while maintaining the best user experience for the particular device type.

10 batikcantik

Secure checkout site

iSeller storefront provides an end-to-end shopping process, from adding cart, checkout to shipping. We provide your very own checkout site with your own logo and personalized branding. See several examples of checkout site from our online stores.

11 checkout

World-class storefront with customer portal

Just like every international-grade online store, we provide a built-in hosted web portal for your customer to sign in and view their wishlist, order history, shipment tracking and many more. Wishlist provide more information regarding your customer buying pattern and future business decision, enabling you to contact the customers with top wishlist products and offer them discount coupon. After all, customers always love discounts and free stuffs, read more on how to increase customer retention.

12 wishlist

In addition, we also include order tracking capability in order to accommodate sellers with a world-class storefront. Your customers can view their existing orders as well as tracking their shipment right from the customer portal. This will ultimately increasing customer’s satisfactions and trustworthy of your store.

13 order tracking

Accept various payment methods

As I covered in my earlier blog, integrating a payment method to a website manually is a daunting and challenging task, not to mention the cost and resources you need to spend. Some other concerns include security risks and compliance process which will skyrocketing your cost. Fortunately, we’ve gone through all those processes, so you don’t have to! iSeller have partnered with major banks and financial institutions enabling you to accept payment online with just a few taps. In the Payment settings, switch on iSeller Pay, then choose various payment options you would like to accept.

Our payment method supports all major credit card brands as well as wide range of local payments methods such as all local debit card, internet banking, mobile banking, and major convenience stores. Obviously, we will constantly add more payment methods as they become available.

14 payment

As seen in the above setting, iSeller Pay is enabled with two payment options — credit card and omni payment. To get insights how the settings reflect, let’s visit the checkout site of the online store and see the available payment methods.

15 batik payment

Referring to the image above, pay attention to the red highlight which indicates the available payment methods as configured in the iSeller store admin. It just works — accepting payment online has never been this easy, agree?

Integrated shipping carriers

iSeller’s main goal has been always making selling easier anywhere on any devices. To achieve our goal, we need to streamline the process of selling in a whole big picture. And specific to the online selling, the shipping and delivery has been seen as one of the most tedious and challenging process, often causing chaos if not handled effectively. Thankfully, iSeller provides end-to-end integration with major shipping carriers, making selling and shipping locally and globally truly simple! All you have to do is simply package your product, sit back relax, and wait for your goods to be picked up by your shipping carriers.

16 shipping

With consistent user experience across all iSeller features, enabling shipping carriers is made simple as well — by just switching on the carriers you would like to offer to your customers. And voila, it just works!

17 shipping method

The above image shows the result of the shipping options as configured in iSeller store admin. Notice that the shipping rate is automatically calculated in realtime, so you can offer the most up-to-date shipping cost to your customers without have to maintain the rate updates manually.


In this digital era, having your own personalized online store with your own domain name is necessary for growing your business faster, in more effective way. iSeller lets you create your own online store instantly and enable you to sell globally! Remember, you don’t need any programming skills or web-developer skills to build iSeller online store. Ready to sell more with your own gorgeous storefront? Sign up free today and try it yourself.

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