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Apa itu BOPIS? Pelajari Tren Bisnis Terbaru Ini!

Have you tried BOPIS? BOPIS stands for Buy Online Pick-up In Store. It has so many benefits for your business that worth a try. Learn more in this article!

Project Your Profit and Loss with iSeller COGS Feature

When starting your own business, you need to have an end-to-end business plan. All of your business plan should consider several aspects such as location, future market condition, price of raw materials, selling price, profit, human resources, and many other aspects. All of these should be planned carefully in order to prevent profit loss. OneContinue reading “Project Your Profit and Loss with iSeller COGS Feature”

What we shipped: 20 new features and counting

Finally, the highly anticipated iSeller big updates is here! Over the past months, we’ve been working on dozens of enhancements and new features based on our customers feedback. Our goal is to make managing and growing your business even easier and simpler — and our new updates deliver just that. From flexible notification settings toContinue reading “What we shipped: 20 new features and counting”