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iSeller Top Feature Updates in Q3 2018

It’s been another month since our last monthly feature recap. In these past months, we’ve been pretty busy on crafting some of the best enhancements to keep iSeller the number one business platform of your choice. We have had some thoughts to make your business grow even more with our latest features, and minor yet impactful tweaking for the best user experience when using iSeller. Let’s check these out!

POS add-on for server ordering


With this new add-on, you can now easily add an employee to be assigned as server in the POS app which is different from the cashier. It allows you to capture the staff who serve the customer’s orders and evaluate their performance, while at the same time capturing the cashier who might be a different staff in the order. This server will be shown in the checkout screen as well as the iSeller reports.

Advanced security for inventory management


Have that annoying user that keeps messing up with your inventory? Introducing Advanced Security Settings feature, now you can access this feature in the User page. Simply select the user you want to limit the access to and enable Limit admin access. Then you’ll see Advanced security settings below. Tick in the checkbox of which feature that you don’t want the users to have access to and just like that they’ll be restricted.

We provide 3 restrictions in the recent release:

  • Restrict Inventory Editing to prevent the user to edit the inventory page in which he/she will still be able to access the page.
  • Restrict Selling Price Editing so that user won’t be able to change the product price in Product page.
  • Restrict Buying Price Editing to limit the user to change the buying price in Edit page and Transfer page.

Theme editor enhancement


Our development team has always been trying to improve the system user experience so you won’t have to work hard to achieve what you want. We added couple of enhancements to the online store theme editor such as style caching to improve the load page render time to be a lot faster. No more waiting and it adds more productivity. You gotta love it!

New arrival collection in online store


iSeller online store introduces yet another useful feature, the New Arrival label for brand new products. You can now easily mark your new products with a single tap of a switch. Simply select which collection you want to mark as new products and you’re good to go.

Maximum discount amount for order discount


At the core system, we’ve also added another highly anticipated promotion feature. The Discount by Product Promotion now supports maximum discount amount to limit the discount amount in an order. This allows a flexibility to set the discount percentage while maintaining a fixed amount on the amount limitation.

Smart session resume


Ever got logged out of your session in the middle of unsaved works? Worry no more! With the all-new Smart Session Resume, you can simply type in your password, pick up where you left off and continue working without any hassles. A real time and energy saver!

These are just some highlights of our recent release. We hope you enjoyed using iSeller to grow your business as much as we building it for you! In case you are new to iSeller, sign up your free trial here. Till the next post!


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