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Mau Olahraga di Tempat Umum Saat New Normal? Perhatikan Tipsnya!

Do you love working out? It is good for both your body and mind. Especially when u do it with friends or family. If you love working out in public area, please pay attention to these tips! Click to read more!

Terapkan Social Distancing di Restoran Kamu dengan Tips Berikut!

It is very important for your restaurant to implement social distancing in a creative, fun and easy way. If you don’t know what to do, check out these social distancing ideas for your restaurant!

5 Ide Kegiatan Fun Selama New Normal

Wanna do something fun in New Normal? Here are some ideas you can try! Make sure to always keep healthy habit while having fun.

Tetap Jaga Social Distancing Saat Jualan. Ikuti Tipsnya!

During New Normal, keeping your store healthy is important. That is why you must implement social distancing in your store. Read more to learn the tips!

Tren Bisnis yang Bisa Dicoba Saat New Normal

Before starting your own business, you must know what you want to build first. If you still haven’t decided on what to do, here are some New Normal business ideas you can try!

Tips Bisnis Tetap Lancar Saat New Normal

After the large-scale social distancing implemented in order to stop Covid-19 spreading before, we are now facing so many changes in life including in business sector. Learn how to cope with it so that your business can survive!