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4 Tips Membangun Bisnis Rumahan

Building a home business is a good idea for you who want to start your own business. It is flexible and easy to manage. Read more to our tips to build a home business!

Pelanggan Bisa Pesan dan Bayar di Handphone? Kenapa Tidak!

Imagine if your restaurant customers can order and pay right from their phones. It is gonna be amazing, a whole new food ordering experience! Now, stop imagining and start to learn how to make it comes true. Read more!

Apa Itu Bisnis O2O? Pelajari Benefit dan Penerapannya!

You might have heard about business online or offline. But, do you know about business O2O or Online to Offline? It has so many benefits for your business. Read to learn more!

5 Ide Kegiatan Fun Selama New Normal

Wanna do something fun in New Normal? Here are some ideas you can try! Make sure to always keep healthy habit while having fun.

Contactless Dine-In, Cara Baru Pelanggan Pesan Makanan di Restoran

During New Normal, digital service is being seen as the best alternative for your restaurant. It is safer, easier and gives your restaurant a modern touch. Try eMenu, one of the most trending service system and the key feature of iSeller F&B Online Ordering!

Apa itu BOPIS? Pelajari Tren Bisnis Terbaru Ini!

Have you tried BOPIS? BOPIS stands for Buy Online Pick-up In Store. It has so many benefits for your business that worth a try. Learn more in this article!

New iSeller Online Ordering: Bangkitkan Bisnis F&B Kamu di Tengah Pandemi

Finally released! iSeller F&B Online Ordering, new feature from iSeller to help you run your restaurant online. Read to learn more about this feature!