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Cari sistem Tersentralisasi untuk Jualan Online-Offline? iSeller Aja!

To sell online and offline, you need to have a centralized system to manage the inventory data and sales report from both channels. Check out our solution for you!

Project Your Profit and Loss with iSeller COGS Feature

When starting your own business, you need to have an end-to-end business plan. All of your business plan should consider several aspects such as location, future market condition, price of raw materials, selling price, profit, human resources, and many other aspects. All of these should be planned carefully in order to prevent profit loss. OneContinue reading “Project Your Profit and Loss with iSeller COGS Feature”

Generate business reports instantly with iSeller Admin app

In the world of business, creating report is an essential aspect. Business reports record your progress and also provide you the necessity to exhibit details, as well as to review your growth history. Moreover, business report can also help you formulate your budget and marketing plans for the upcoming year. Business report also helps youContinue reading “Generate business reports instantly with iSeller Admin app”