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Client Highlight Desember 2019

Tidak terasa, sekarang sudah memasuki akhir tahun 2019. Setelah berhasil menggaet beberapa client besar di kuartal 2 dan 3 tahun 2019 ini, iSeller tidak berhenti hanya sampai disana. Di kuartal terakhir ini kami juga berhasil mendapatkan kepercayaan dari banyak sekali client-client ternama, tidak hanya dalam hal penjualan toko mereka, namun juga dalam pengadaan event. SiapaContinue reading “Client Highlight Desember 2019”

Client Highlight July 2019

In April 2019, we already covered the stories of our clients, who successfully grew their business with us. Now, we are going to cover more of our customers and highlight their successful story with us, including Agung Sedayu Retail Indonesia or ASRI. Keep reading to learn more about their businesses, and how they built theirContinue reading “Client Highlight July 2019”

Client Highlight April 2019

Everyone has their own story of success, so does every successful business. Here are five of our merchants who entrust their business with iSeller. Take a look at how they successfully grow their business with us! Portal Coffee and Eatery Portal Coffee and Eatery is one of the most cozy, comfortable and instagram-able place toContinue reading “Client Highlight April 2019”

Generate business reports instantly with iSeller Admin app

In the world of business, creating report is an essential aspect. Business reports record your progress and also provide you the necessity to exhibit details, as well as to review your growth history. Moreover, business report can also help you formulate your budget and marketing plans for the upcoming year. Business report also helps youContinue reading “Generate business reports instantly with iSeller Admin app”

Introducing the All-New, Gorgeous iSeller Admin App

You might remember my previous posts regarding a powerful feature from iSeller that allows you to limit the access for certain users. In case you missed it, you can check it here. In these past few months, our entire team has worked hard, giving our very best, to create a cutting-edge and compelling app that willContinue reading “Introducing the All-New, Gorgeous iSeller Admin App”