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Client Highlight July 2019

In April 2019, we already covered the stories of our clients, who successfully grew their business with us. Now, we are going to cover more of our customers and highlight their successful story with us, including Agung Sedayu Retail Indonesia or ASRI. Keep reading to learn more about their businesses, and how they built their business with us!

Mama Roz

If you love eating healthy, you must try Mama Roz Cold-Pressed Juice. Mama Roz doesn’t sell normal and boring juices. They sell cold-pressed ones, to keep all the vitamins and benefits of the fruits. What special about their juices is that they only use natural ingredients. They even use honey instead of sugar as the sweetener. All of their products are fresh, and the taste also comes right from the fruits. They use no preservative, coloring, emulsifier, and stabilizer in their products. Therefore, you don’t need to worry. Just sit back and relax while enjoying the 100% natural fresh juice.

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Mama Roz decided to use iSeller, to simplify their system. They want to make sure that the serving time is fast and simple. Using our POS, they can simply tap to choose products on the checkout screen and process to payment immediately. Payment has been made easier too, especially with digital payments. You don’t have to wait too long again just to pay your juice!

Do you want to taste the freshness? Just visit their stores at:

  • Lippo Kemang Village
  • Maxx Box Karawaci
  • Vertu Harmoni
  • Lippo Mall Puri
  • Mall Kelapa Gading

Kiri Desu

Who doesn’t love cheese tea? The savory taste of the cheese combined with the sweet milk tea, made a perfect drink for your day. Meet Kiri Desu, one of the best cheese tea store you can find around. They offer you a perfect combination of cheese cream and milk tea, so perfect that the taste won’t leave your tongue so fast. They also sell a wide-range of drinks, all unique, fresh and delicious. Not only the drinks, they also prepare unique toppings, the ones you can’t find easily in other stores. You can even find mochi as topping!

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Managing those various and customizable products must be complicated without a perfect system. But with iSeller, Kiri Desu can easily combine their main products and their toppings just with a few taps. They also enable various payment, so you can pay your favorite drinks with your favorite payment method.

Find their stores at several big malls, including Mall Kelapa Gading and Mall Artha Gading!

Sour Sally

Sour Sally is one of the biggest frozen yoghurt company with many outlets spreading around Indonesia. When frozen-yoghurt became a trend several years ago, many people decided to sell it. However, not many are successful in keeping their business on track. Sour Sally, opened in 2008, instead of being closed down, they gave birth to more outlets and place their business above the rest. What is the secret of their success? It’s their healthy, fresh and soft frozen-yoghurt. Unlike the others, their frozen-yoghurts are unique and have a milder taste. They are not too sour and not too sweet. They are just.. perfect. Beside being so great in taste, they also have much more benefits for your health.


Before meeting iSeller, Sour Sally already used a POS system. However, they decided to migrate to iSeller because of our simplicity and better interface. In their previous POS, they found it difficult to use and numerous problems with the inventory system. But they didn’t find the same issue with iSeller, and so they decided to simplify their system by implementing iSeller to their 30+ outlets. Of course, we gladly assist them in keeping their business stay on top.

If you want to visit Sour Sally, let me recommend you to try Black Sakura, a perfect combination of charcoal and sakura extract. Black Sakura is so good for detoxification, and it also tastes so good! Find it in the nearest Sour Sally store.

Agung Sedayu Retail Indonesia (ASRI)

This year is the big year for us because one of the largest retail industry in Indonesia decided to join our family. Agung Sedayu Retail Indonesia or ASRI is a giant company managing 3 big malls in Jakarta, and many more under development. This year, they decided to modernize their already modern malls by using iSeller Digital Kiosk. They call this, S1 Digital Hub. With this digital kiosk system, they provide their visitors an easy access to the mall’s directory while also providing a lot more information about their tenants and promotions. You can also buy much cheaper vouchers from this kiosk, and even play games!


To boost their visitors’ experience, ASRI will also hold so many interesting events. Let’s name some of those. So, we will have PIK Avenue’s Fruit and Wine Festival, Grand Galaxy Park’s Unicorn Land, Mall of Indonesia’s Shop and Win shopping campaign, so on and so forth. They also implement our digital kiosk in each of their events, so you can get a taste of a new era by experiencing yourself.

Are you interested in boosting your business development with iSeller just like the ones we mentioned? Join our family right now by registering your store to our website. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and stay updated! See you in our next post!

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