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Generate business reports instantly with iSeller Admin app

In the world of business, creating report is an essential aspect. Business reports record your progress and also provide you the necessity to exhibit details, as well as to review your growth history. Moreover, business report can also help you formulate your budget and marketing plans for the upcoming year. Business report also helps you analyze which products or services are the most successful, as well as which markets you might have overlooked.

However most business owner agree that developing business report is not as easy as flipping your hand. In order to create comprehensive business report, you need to spend a great amount of time as well as energy. Furthermore, you need to review lots of paper in order to generate the report, this could totally frustrate you! You as a business owner must have wished for a cutting-edge app that could construct comprehensive business report as easy as 123. Rest assured, the new iSeller Admin app could make your wish come true.

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In this post, I will share with you another wonderful  feature from iSeller Admin App. Aside from receiving notifications and stunning dashboard that both allows you to monitor and review your business, iSeller Admin App also facilitate you to make your own extensive business report. Yes, you read that right. With just several taps, iSeller Admin App could generate extensive and easy-to-understand business report. Hence, you can save a huge amount of energy as well as time. With this amazing feature, business report that usually need hours to make can be accomplished in just a few seconds. In addition, all sources you need for the report are in the “cloud”,  therefore you don’t need to waste tons of paper which then will save more cost in the long run. Additionally, for each report, you can filter report type, channel, and date easily to make your report more detailed.

Customize Reports to Your Liking

Our engineers worked hard to deliver the groundbreaking business report generator with numerous exciting features just for you, our iSeller subscribers. I’d love to start off with the first feature: flexible lits view and stunning chart view mode. It lets you conveniently choose the report visualization that you prefer the most, and switch between list view and chart view with ease.


When you wanted to view the growth of your business or the sales trend, just change the preview to chart view. Chart view provides you comprehensive graphs consisting sales date and gross sales amount that you can simply understand. You can also view the trend of your sales each day by filtering report type to “Sales by Day”. Furthermore, you can modify the range of period to generate the detailed sales trend of your business in a particular period.

The next amazing feature is a feature that allows you to add more details for your list view  report. By default, your list report shows the basic data needed for the particular report. However, we understand that some business owner wanted to generate as detailed as possible business report. Therefore, we provide the facility for you to add more details in your report by selecting more dimensions and metrics. Keep reading to get the big picture!

Generating Business Report Has Never Been This Easy

The iSeller Admin app offers you various types of reports that is very easy to generate. All you need to do is just tap on the report you would like to see and let the app do all the heavy lifting. It’s like your personal professional manager, only a lot more efficient. Just as I mentioned earlier, you can filter report type, channel, and the range of period for each report, making it extremely handy and hassle-free. I will share with you a brief explanation for some report types that you might be interested in.

Sales Report

This is arguably the most essential report all business owners would want to access at anytime. This report shows you the total sales your business generate. With just several taps, you can produce comprehensive, detailed sales report for your business. Let’s watch the video to take a closer look.

From the video we could perceive that the sales report can be filtered effortlessly to provide the detailed data you need. Imagine if you wanted to see your total sales for the last 90 days. Without this app, you will need to review hundred of papers and this consume lots of energy and time. With the powerful admin app, it took just a few taps to get total sales for the last 90 days, how cool is that?! Furthermore, we could notice that the sales report can be viewed in chart view, making business owner easier to analyze the sales trend. You can also add more metrics and dimensions to make your report more detailed.

Inventory Report

Inventory report conveniently shows your inventory stock. With this report, you could review your inventory stock from your mobile phone. You can also change the inventory report type to show out-of-stock product or ingredients. This is very convenient, considering you don’t have to go to your store and review your inventory bits by bits. This once again gives you ultimate efficiency since you save a lot of time, energy, and money.

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Register Report

This report shows you the activity of your cash register, as well as the user from your smartphones or tablets. This is amazingly efficient, considering you could generate the report anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to stay at the store 24/7 to monitor your register.

Aside from filtering the date, you can also observe when your register is activated and when it’s closed. You can also see how much money your register receive comfortably. Thus, you could compare the amount of money in the cash register with the amount stated in the register report for cross checking.

In addition to those three reports, iSeller Admin app also provides a lot more reports including product sales report where you effortlessly generate the best-selling product in your store, payment report which present the most used payment types, tax reports where your total taxes is calculated, and much more. Overall, these reports are very straightforward with understandable data and pleasant design.


And here’s the best part: it’s FREE for all iSeller subscribers. Simply download the app from Google Play Store, log in to the Admin app using the same credential you used to login on your iSeller store, and enjoy these awesome features immediately! I’ll be sharing a series of iSeller new features and interesting subjects in the next posts. We hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Got feedback or features you wish to see in our next update? Leave your comment in the box below. Stay tuned for our next post!

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