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Reconcile inventory easily with the new Stock Control add-on

We have been receiving a lot of valuable feedback from our customers and we truly appreciate them. One of the most requested feedback for the iSeller platform is around the stock management improvement, specifically, the ability to easily perform stock taking to reconcile the inventory level in each outlet. Meet the new Stock Control add-on which allows you to quickly perform stock taking and compare the actual physical stock and iSeller inventory stock. In addition, you can also create multi-session stock taking for more complex multi warehouse use case. The add-on also provides comprehensive features you need to manage your inventory more efficiently, from smart stock taking merging, approval process, and comprehensive reporting.

Stock Control is an additional module that will appear in iSeller web admin once you’ve purchased the Stock Control add-on from iSeller Apps. It costs Rp 100.000 per month which will be automatically charged to your subscription. Alternatively, you can get it free by upgrading your plan to Advanced or Unlimited.

Now, I’ll show you how the Stock Control add-on works, and the steps to start using it in your store.

Enabling Stock Control Add-on

The first step to enjoy this powerful add-on is simply enabling it in the iSeller Apps page. Click on the Free Trial or Purchase to enable the add-on, just like that.


Once the add-on is enabled, you’ll now see the Stock Controls module under the Catalogs menu.

Adding Stock Taking Session

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Setup your user to have access to the Stock Control page in User settings. Once you’re in the Stock Control page, select New Stock Control on the top right of the screen. Here you can create a record of which outlet and products you want to review the stock count. Group represents the party that will evaluate the stock control. To add a new group, simply type the name group you want and click on the plus button beside it. If you’re a single owner or small business with simple stock taking process, you can leave the group empty.

Counting the Stock


After you add the record, it will show as pending task for the stock control. Then you can start counting on every product listed in it. The stock control form provides two columns, one for the counted and one for the wasted. The wasted count can be used if some of the counted products are broken or not usable anymore. On the top right, you can see two buttons, Submit and Save. Save is for saving the form you just filled in without sending it to the approval list. While Submit button acts as a ‘finished record’ marker that will send it to the approval list for review.

Approving the Stock Control


In the Stock Control page, you will see an Approve button. If it won’t show, that means the logged-in user doesn’t have permission to the Stock Control page nor the Inventory page. To change this, simply go to the Users page and change the permission settings. After the Approve button is clicked, a list of submitted stock control record will be shown, you can check which record you want to review first. Then you’ll be redirected to the Approval form, there you can see between your stock control report and current iSeller inventory count whether there’s a mismatch or not. Expected represents current iSeller inventory and Counted represents as the stock control report. You can also decide the Final product count and add notes to every single form.


Reviewing Stock Controls History

After approving the stock control, you will be able to see completed stock taking session by clicking on the Completed tab, such as seen below.


You can then review the details of each completed stock taking session as to whom did the approval as well as final counted amount for related products.


Inventory changes made by stock control session will also be recorded in the product timeline. As you can see below, there will be a note about quantity counted for the related product.


In this post, I’ve briefly scratched the surface of the new Stock Control add-on. I trust you’ll find it useful to manage and operate your retail business more efficiently. To try the feature yourself, please login to your iSeller account here. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our blog and followed our Facebook. Stay tuned for our next updates!

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