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Bisnis Perlu Lakukan Stock Opname, Sebetulnya Apa Tujuannya?

Stock opname adalah serangkaian kegiatan perhitungan persediaan stok barang yang masih tersimpan di gudang untuk kemudian dipasarkan. Ada banyak kegiatan yang terlibat di dalamnya, mulai dari menghitung jumlah barang, melakukan pemeriksaan secara langsung, hingga melakukan penataan yang akan memudahkan operasional bisnis saat produk tertentu dibutuhkan. Dengan melakukan stock opname, maka kamu bisa memastikan seluruh prosesContinue reading “Bisnis Perlu Lakukan Stock Opname, Sebetulnya Apa Tujuannya?”

iSeller Stock Count: Kelola Inventori dari Handphone

Doing stock opname doesn’t necessarily have to be a hassle. You can always do it in a simple way, using your own smartphone! Try our new iSeller Stock Count and enjoy the simplicity!

Reconcile inventory easily with the new Stock Control add-on

We have been receiving a lot of valuable feedback from our customers and we truly appreciate them. One of the most requested feedback for the iSeller platform is around the stock management improvement, specifically, the ability to easily perform stock taking to reconcile the inventory level in each outlet. Meet the new Stock Control add-onContinue reading “Reconcile inventory easily with the new Stock Control add-on”

New Draft Mode in Inventory Transfer

Greetings! This month, we’re releasing a number of major features across several aspects, from the frontend to backend features. In this post, I’m pleased to announce our latest enhancement related to inventory management, particularly the transfer process. In the previous version of iSeller Web Admin, when you transfer products to different outlets or sending backContinue reading “New Draft Mode in Inventory Transfer”