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Introducing iSeller and BNI Yap! E-wallet Integration

As mentioned in my previous blog, we have planned various integration with top industry players this year! And it is an honor for me to announce that iSeller is now fully integrated with BNI Yap!, the first approved e-wallet app in Indonesia. In this post, I will share with you all about BNI Yap and its benefits. Before that, let’s take a quick look what Yap! has to offer.

What is BNI Yap?

Yap! is a payment technology innovation from BNI which provide modern payment method that eliminates the need for you to carry your wallet everywhere, you don’t have to worry if you left your wallet at home while going somewhere. In simple way, this revolutionary app allows you to use BNI debit and credit card as the source of your funds. You can then use Yap! to pay for goods and services in registered merchants. The good news is, if you’re already using iSeller, you can accept Yap! payment with your POS without any additional hardware or devices.


This payment method used the technology of QR code scanner which removes the need to bring so many item when you go for shopping. Yap! is available both for Android and iOS and all devices should be connected to Internet in order to use it.

Why BNI Yap?

BNI Yap is known to brought many revolutionary benefits as well as improving and simplifying the life of everybody, both merchants and customers. Here are several reasons why you should install BNI Yap:

  1. You could access your money right from your phone.
  2. Can be used by all BNI customers without any exceptions. Widely acceptance
  3. Easy to use. All you have to do is login, scan, and pay. With just three steps your payment is done.
  4. BNI Yap! promote modern lifestyle where everything is digital. It’s not strange that in the near future, everybody will use this revolutionary payment gateway
  5. Very secure payment gateway with password protection and PIN protection


Watch this video to understand more. See more

iSeller integration with BNI Yap!

iSeller integration with BNI Yap surely bring great benefits for you. It’s time to revolutionize your payment method with all-new BNI Yap! and modernize your business even more with it.


Simply activate your Yap! payment from payment setting under the iSeller Pay options. The Yap! payment is available for both POS and online store, so make sure you activated the correct options. With just a single switch, you’re ready to accept payment with the Yap! app such as shown in the image above.

Once activated, the Yap! option will appear in the payment method selection when checking out, so consumers can easily pay with their Yap! app. Since you’re enabling Yap! payment, you’ll be eligible to enjoy attractive promotions from BNI which you can offer to your customers, so make sure you reached out to us to check for on-going offers.

The images below show the Yap! option in both online store and POS.


Below image is the preview of BNI Yap! on our POS.



The Yap! innovation is truly a revolutionary payment method that could refashion the old payment method and bring it entirely digital. The era of e-money is quickly transitioning to e-wallet, and BNI is the first to pave the way with their Yap! app. This also means that iSeller’s merchants will be among the first who provide cutting-edge payment solution to their customers.

Register now and don’t miss out your chance to experience BNI Yap! Contact us at 0812 1111 8300 or 0812 1111 8700, you can also email us at for further inquiries. See you on the next post!

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