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Introducing iSeller Integration with Jurnal!

What would happen if a full-featured POS platform integrated with a powerful accounting software? A perfect solution for your business! Good news for all business owners! Now using iSeller POS as your selling platform while posting transactions to Jurnal for further processing is now possible with the new add-on integration between iSeller and Jurnal! Thanks to this integration, all can be done easily and without hassle. Have hundreds of products? Or so many outlets across the nation? Don’t worry and keep reading to see how we provide a comprehensive solution!

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Selling and Bookkeeping Made Easy

Managing a store with so many outlets can be difficult. iSeller POS can be the perfect selling tool for your store. But when you want to do a complete bookkeeping, Jurnal is perfect for you. From products, warehouse, asset management, to even payroll, Jurnal can cover them all. Now integrated with iSeller, you can easily use your sales data from your iSeller POS in Jurnal for bookkeeping. Not only sales data, but also your iSeller products and inventory. You only need to activate the integration, and these two systems will do the rest automatically. Now you can see a full report of your business, and even calculating the loss and profit more accurately!


Import All What You Need

Map all your accounts to Jurnal easily. You can map everything that is essential for your business flow. From your cash account, iSeller pay, promotion account, to even Waste Good Expense Account, all can be mapped so easily for more accurate bookkeeping. With this account mapping, you can use all your sales data from iSeller to Jurnal. Each orders made in your POS can be synchronized to your Jurnal data. Even the orders information such as refund information, payment method, paid amount, promotions and discounts given to customers, all can be retrieved from iSeller. Importing your inventory data from iSeller is also as easy as clicking a button. Get your products information, stock adjustment, and even the transfers made in iSeller. Only that? Of course no. You can also get tax, service charge, and additional charge information! All data will be synchronized and presented beautifully.

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After you map your accounts, you also need to map your products. But there is one problem. Importing your iSeller products to Jurnal can be such a pain, especially when you have so many products. But with this integration, you don’t have to worry anymore. The auto-add feature will automatically add your iSeller products to Jurnal in just one click. The system can even detect duplicate products based on it’s Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). Not only the products will be added, but also the current stock! So helpful, right?

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Sales and Inventory Synchronization. Simplified.

We all love everything simple. Of course when we made this integration, we also took this into consideration. No more complicated steps to synchronize your sales and inventory data. Stock adjustment will be done automatically too on every order made in your iSeller POS! The integration can even perform automatic order synchronization at a specific time. You only have to schedule the synchronization time that suits your store’s workflow, and the system will do the work for you. You can also do manual synchronization every time you need to!


What about outlets’ inventory? We understand that you don’t want to manually changing the data in Jurnal, everytime you do transfer. That is why we also implemented automatic synchronization for that. Whenever you transfer a product from one outlet to another, stock adjustment on those outlets will be done to ensure an integrated inventory data. You can even see the stock adjustment history.


Instant Financial Statement. Anytime. Anywhere.

What can you gain at the end? Instant financial statement! A complete financial management over your business can be achieved easily, anytime and anywhere. Now you can manage your business better than ever. Oversee your cash flow. Get a full report of your profit and loss. Check out the balance sheet. With control over your business, you can calculate your next steps carefully.


And we still have more for you. Now you can enjoy this powerful integration with a special bundle! Excited to know more, aren’t you? Visit here to see what we offer with our iSeller x Jurnal integration. Expand your business to the next level with our integration. And don’t forget, subscribe to our blog! See you in our next posts.

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