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Introducing the All-New, Gorgeous iSeller Admin App

You might remember my previous posts regarding a powerful feature from iSeller that allows you to limit the access for certain users. In case you missed it, you can check it here. In these past few months, our entire team has worked hard, giving our very best, to create a cutting-edge and compelling app that will let you manage your business on the go. In this post, I’m pleased to introduce you our latest app, the iSeller Admin App.

iSeller Admin App: Monitor Your Business from the Tip of Your Finger

iSeller Admin App is a powerful and comprehensive app designed for the business owner or managers alike. Through this app, business owner and managers could monitor their business anywhere and anytime. You can monitor your business easily by receiving notifications right in your smartphones. These notifications provide you important information concerning your business such as orders, inventory levels, and other account-related information.

iSeller Admin App can automatically receive three types of notifications:

  • Notifications when an order has been made or order has been void.
  • Notifications when your inventory is on low stock, as well as when your inventory is completely out of stock.
  • Notifications when user (store managers or cashiers) close the register or changing shift.


All these notifications will be sent real-time and all orders can be reviewed by you easily. When I said all, I mean all orders. You as the business owner could track orders from several past years until the earliest order you received. This is very convenient! You could then review the orders and find the trend during certain period this assist business owner to make decision for future plan. You don’t have to rely on piles of papers, everything is ready and accessible conveniently.

iSeller Admin App: View Sales Trends With Stunning Dashboard

The next feature in iSeller Admin App that I’d love to share with you is the stunning and gorgeous dashboard. The dashboard shows you the best selling products as well as your business growth, thanks to the stunning yet effective diagrams and charts. It also allows you to quickly review which product has the most selling power, which then could assist you to make business decision faster. You can also instantly review your business growth in several predefined date ranges such as daily, weekly, monthly, or tri-monthly basis – all with a single tap.

As business owners, you will definitely find this app very useful as you don’t have to rely on hundreds or even thousands fragile sheets of paper in order to find out your best selling product. The Admin app lets you access all those information with just a single tap. Even better, it’s compatible and equally amazing in Android-based tablet or phones, thanks to the adaptive interface designed by our award-winning team. Sounds too good to be true?!


And here’s the best part: the Admin app is free for all iSeller subscribers. Simply log in to the Admin app using the same credential you used to login on your iSeller store, and get started using the app right away!

In this post, I’ve just scratched the surface of what iSeller Admin app can do. I’ll be sharing a series of my favorite features in the next post. For now, go ahead to download iSeller Admin app available in Google Play Store. We hope you enjoyed using the app as much as we love building it. Cheers!

Got feedback or features you wish to see in our next update? Leave your comment in the box below. Stay tuned for our next post!

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