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The Importance of Cloud-Based Point of Sales in Today’s Business

In my previous posts, I have outlined our simple yet amazing iSeller platform and as a business owner, you might wonder whether cloud-based POS is the right fit for your business, and how it could benefit your business. In this post, I will highlight the key concepts and benefits of cloud-based POS, and how it fares with the traditional one. Cloud-based point of sale is indeed an amazing innovation for this fast-paced business world. In a simple explanation, cloud-based point of sales is a revolutionary leap from traditional point of sales in which with the help of internet connection allows business owners to access their data anywhere and anytime.

All data needed for business (sales, inventory, cost, etc.) are stored in trusted and robust servers which will give the highest level of security. Cloud-based point of sales is a lot more comfortable to use and managers could access the data anywhere and anytime as long as there is an internet connection. However, there has been lots of discussion among old-school merchants regarding the advantages of switching from the traditional in-store point-of-sale system to a cloud-based version that can be operated from a mobile device. Many managers and store-owner are worried to change from traditional POS to more modern cloud-based POS, they might think that there are no impactful differences between traditional point of sale and cloud-based point of sale.  Now I will give a quick tour about the key importance of cloud-based point of sales.

Key Benefits of Cloud-Based Point of Sales

  1. Time and Energy Efficiency: Cloud-based point of sale gave you an excellent time and energy efficiency. How efficient is cloud-based point of sale? Well let me tell you, cloud-based point of sales allows you to monitor your business anywhere and anytime. You, as business owner, could save energy as well as time with cloud-based point of sale. You could access sales data in real time from the screen of your mobile devices. Even when you are a thousand miles away from your store, you can still monitor your businesses. With cloud-based point of sale, you don’t have to spend much time on the road, you don’t have to spend lots and lots of time stuck in the traffic. Especially when you have multiple stores with a moderate distance between one store and another, all you have to do is sit back and relax while monitoring all of your businesses from your mobile devices.
  2. Instant Upgrades: A good cloud-based point of sale keeps you updated regarding updated features or new amazing and interesting features and you don’t have to pay extra charges to receive these upgrades. With tips of your finger, your point of sale system will be instantly upgraded. This once again saves your costs and allowing you to have the latest update for your point of sale system.
  3. Competitive Advantages: Let’s be honest, when seeing waiters walk around taking orders with tablets instead of a piece of paper, it’s pretty amazing. By using cloud-based point of sales, waiters will take the orders using mobile devices and business owner will instantly get the notifications, This allows the business to operate more efficiently and more cost effective in the long run as paper cost can be eliminated. More importantly, this will also increase the credibility of the company which will create competitive advantages for the user’s company. These benefits will increase the image of the company and will lead to many different benefits.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Traditional POS needs more cost to purchase the software’s license. It also needs maintenance cost annually as well as upgrade cost around 18-20% of the software cost. Cloud-based POS is relatively less cost for software license and maintenance. Cloud-based POS does not have upgrade cost, all you need is just one click and your software updates instantly.

iseller vs old POS

These are some of the legit proof that cloud-based point of sale saves more money for business owner. Even for the long-run, business owner could save more money and energy. From all of these benefits that can be received from cloud-based point of sales, you might still be in a dilemma because it’s hard to migrate from traditional POS to cloud-based POS. Although it’s quite difficult to migrate from traditional POS to cloud-based POS, any good cloud-based point of sale company will guide you and help you familiarize with cloud-based point of sale.

iSeller Answers All Your Cloud Point of Sale Needs

iSeller is next generation commerce platform that answers all your cloud-based point of sale needs. Some benefits that iSeller offer are as follows:

  1. As a business owner, you could easily monitor their business anywhere and anytime. Even if you are having vacation far far away from the store. You could access sales data, inventory data, order data and much more from your smart devices. This shows the amazing efficiency iSeller has to offer.
  2. iSeller provides instant upgrades, every update available will be communicated with all of iSeller user and you can upgrade instantly without additional cost. Not only you will get latest updates and new cool features, all of that can be received without additional charges. If you have suggestions regarding new updates you want to have in the app, you can easily send feedback to us.
  3.  iSeller is compatible with any Android tablet devices and truth be told, it’s amazing seeing waiters and waitress taking the order from Android device, this makes your business more professional and modern, hence you will have competitive advantages.
  4. If you think that migrating from traditional point of sale to cloud-based point of sale is difficult, you don’t have to worry. We designed our app to be extremely simple to use and very easy for you to learn. In addition, we provide the best support team to ensure smooth transition to iSeller. Everything regarding your business will be handled professionally and with care.

POS update (1)

With perfect combination of forward-thinking app design, modern hardware, latest tech and comprehensive features, iSeller is the only cloud point-of-sale platform you need to run, manage, and scale your business.

We hope you enjoy this post and if you would like to request a presentation schedule, please reach out to us at Follow us in Facebook @iseller and Instagram to stay updated with our events, products, and new features.

P.S.: We’ve also prepared a FAQ page that might answer most of your questions. Check it out here. In the following weeks, we will be posting more regarding starting guides and how you can leverage iSeller’s powerful features to help you get more things done in fewer time. Stay tuned for our next post. Cheers!

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