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Save Cost and Increase Efficiency with Wireless Kitchen Display System

Kitchen workplace is getting more efficient and updated and it keeps upgrading from time to time. Originally, paper tickets were placed in a row for kitchen staff to see, this old style have so many risks, very costly, and very inefficient. In this modern business generation, technology plays an important role for modern businesses. One such tool which is critical for food and beverages industry is a Kitchen Display Systems that is proved to increase kitchen efficiency, save costs, increase productivity and customer satisfaction which in the long-run boost sales.


If you used to think that Kitchen Display System (KDS) is only suitable for large restaurant businesses, you might want to rethink again! KDS works amazingly with every scale of restaurant, starting from small family restaurant to colossal restaurant corporation. In this blog I will show you how a kitchen display system can save costs and increase efficiency.

Benefits of kitchen display system

  1. Increase order accuracy with fewer headaches: Restaurants are known as hectic place, especially in the kitchen department. With kitchen staff required to get their jobs done quickly, paper tickets can be easily misplaced or damaged. Even if paper tickets are handled properly, it is very difficult to distinguish from each other and it’s most likely damaged by spills, splattered, and heat. In the end, you either have to guess what your customer has ordered with a huge risk of order inaccuracies, or retake the order with the risk of reducing customer satisfaction. Kitchen display system eliminates those problems by demonstrate everything kitchen staff needs to know about customer’s order on brightly lit, easy-to-read screen, and KDS can serve as a central storage for all orders that needed to be review.


What’s more, with kitchen display system in place, information about additions and changes to orders reaches the kitchen as soon as customers make their requests. This not only enables accurate orders to be delivered the first time around; it prevents frustration among kitchen staff, waiters, and customers. A survey of food quality at a major chain that installed a KDS found that complaints went down some 70 percent after the system was installed.

  1. Improve inventory management: A kitchen display system allows automatic monitoring of inventory levels and order volume, alerting management when inventory quantities become low and ensuring that ingredients and supplies are replenished appropriately.Have you ever experience when you’re craving for certain chocolate or bacon, and you go to the specific restaurant and order it, but then the waiter/waitress return explaining that the chocolate or bacon is out of stock, this is really frustrating! After getting your hopes high, then slammed and destroyed to pieces, this will certainly reduce customer satisfaction significantly. However with KDS these kind of mishap can be avoided. In addition to preventing shortages that force staff to improvise or lead to order preparation snafus, better inventory management enabled by a kitchen display system ensures that the ingredients customers desire are always in stock.
  2. Significantly increase efficiency: Instead of being forced to wait for servers to bring complete order tickets to the kitchen, kitchen staff can consult the kitchen display system and begin preparing orders immediately. Different items in order tickets can be automatically routed to separate stations (i.e., cold items to one station and hot items to another or beverage to bartenders and foods to kitchen), allowing order tickets to be done simultaneously.

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A kitchen display system also bolsters efficiency by eliminating the need for kitchen staff to waste time deciphering paper tickets, and by alerting staff if an order is not being prepared within a prescribed time frame. Orders may be moved, prioritized, or transferred to another station in order to minimize delays. In fact, the increased efficiency afforded by a kitchen display system are so significant that it is possible to produce more orders without increasing kitchen staff and incurring additional labor expenditures.

  1. Improving customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is very important for every business. In the long run, customer satisfaction is proven to boost sales distinctively. In the other hand, customer satisfaction in restaurant industry is very easy to be diminished. Even the slightest delay could easily reduced customer satisfaction, let alone serving the wrong order to the wrong customer, this is a big mistake. Nonetheless, it’s proven statistically that businesses that use KDS is proven to lower complaints by 70 percent after the system was installed. By supporting enhanced order accuracy and faster delivery of food and beverages to customers’ tables, a kitchen display system has a positive impact on customer service. With such a system in your technology toolbox, restaurant owners like yourself can be assured that orders are accurately and swiftly prepared. The higher the caliber of service, the higher the sales and profits — and the more loyal customers become.
  2. Employee management efficiency:  KDS will track all your order tickets and the fulfillment time, showing how efficient your kitchen management is. Good KDS system will generate kitchen report that can be used to gain tremendous insight into which areas you need to focus more. The report developed could define which areas you should focus more to improve your kitchen operations. With this info, you can easily identify the most efficient time where you get the most sales, identify the most efficient staff members as well as those who need additional training, or hours that may require additional hands on deck.
  3. Reduce cost and boost sales: Switching to kitchen display, you will reduce the cost for paper used and being environmentally friendly by eliminating the use of paper for kitchen orders. Your restaurant will be less hectic and all order tickets will be more organized. Eliminating paper cost is surely reduce the costs. By installing KDS, you will have more accuracy on completing order, which will reduce the amount of wasted foods that occurs due to order ticket lost, damaged, or other misfortune that happens.

iSeller provides the best kitchen display system for you!

Now that you’ve learnt these remarkable benefits you could obtain, you might be tempted to try one yourself. Whether you’re just starting a new business or wish to upgrade your existing restaurants, you might wonder which KDS system provides the best product and design. We are the one! Yes, iSeller KDS is built on the latest Android platform packed with a wealth of innovative kitchen display features, yet economically affordable. See our video below to take a closer look.

From real-time sending and receiving order ticket paper-free to creating elaborate report for your business growth, iSeller has them all! Moreover, the iSeller’s proprietary SmartSync technology enables serverless connection between all peripherals, and combined with hassle-free connection configuration, iSeller KDS is the best integrated kitchen display system available in the market. Try iSeller POS free for 14 days and sign up your store today!


In summary, KDS is a must-have system for today’s modern F&B business! It helps you streamline your restaurant management across the waitress, cashiers, bartenders, and chefs. It’s proven statistically that implementing KDS in your restaurant will dramatically increase your efficiency as well as reducing costs. It’s also proven that complaints from customer is reduced up to 70%, which means increasing customer satisfaction and in the long-run will boost sales. For further information and product hands-on with iSeller KDS system, please reach us at

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