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Increase Customer Retention with iSeller Loyalty Point

Customer loyalty is an interesting topic that is discussed everywhere. Many experts in business industry aim to find the most effective and efficient way to achieve maximum customer loyalty. It’s important to focus on customer loyalty and their satisfactions. Loyal customers spend more, spread free word of mouth promotion and visit your store more often, and this is why customer loyalty and their satisfactions could develop your business.

The biggest challenge any new business encounter is how to attract customers. As your business grow, this challenge grows into different portion. Aside from attracting new customers, you need to think a new way to encourage customer loyalty among your existing customers. When you master this skill, your business will flourish beyond your measurable dreams.

Several approaches to maintain customer loyalty

There are several different approach to attain and retain customers as well as maintaining customer loyalty such as:

Build relationship with customers
Recent survey shows that 71% of customers who decide to end business relationship is because of poor customer service experience. Because of that, it totaled $83 billion in US alone or $289 per customer in annual sales. This is too significant to be ignored. Further research shows that customers are imploring for human interactions. Automated phone system and email might be cheaper, but call backs from well-trained customer service representative earn loyalty.


You don’t have to spend so many money in order to develop your customer service experience. Sometimes, its the small things that counts, like saying “hello” and “goodbye”, or serving customer with a smile. Truth be told, customers remember first and last moments of their interaction more than anything that happens in the middle. Customer that is greeted with a friendly smile bought more items and paid more.

Figure out your market
Before promoting your business, you need to know what customers want and why they want it. The first step is to identify your customers is by understanding their demographics, it will also highlight key characteristics your customers share, such as: gender, age, occupation, income, location, and hobbies. Furthermore, you need to know why they shop, is it because of their work demands, family needs, budget pressures, social or emotional needs, brand preference.


Additionally, you could figure out what are your customer preferred shopping methods whether its shopping online, by phone, or coming to stores. Moreover, find out how they purchase the products, whether they purchase it spontaneously or carefully decide their purchasing decision. One last point is to find out what your customer think of you. Find out what they think about your products, services, customer service, and your competitors.

Website and social media never goes wrong
In this modern age, internet access and social media is accessible around the world. This makes social media a gigantic market for business owner. In the year 2015 more than 3 billion of world population have access to internet, and as of January 2017,the amount of active social media user is too high!


Seeing the statistics data, we could see that marketing through social media have their own benefits. Let’s take Facebook as an example, even if you reach 0.0001% of Facebook active users, you will still reach 1500 users. That’s facebook alone, there are tremendous amount of different social media that just provide the opportunity for you to attract brand-new customers.

“Free” works like magic
Who doesn’t love “FREE” stuff? I love free stuff, you love free stuff, your customer love free stuff. People go crazy when you gave them “Free” stuffs. Although providing giveaway might seems like you’re wasting your money, freebies will increase customer happiness and their loyalty. Researchers state that giving “free” items will boost your sales in the long run. Getting customer to say nice things about your business is as effective as traditional advertising, with lesser cost.


Customers that actively and openly engage with your brand on regular basis is the best possible people to give the full experience. Sending them free product line is a great idea, if you’re in a service business, you could provide upgrade for free. The rise of social media has made businesses concerned with “word of mouth” marketing. Researches state that people who got product for free will talked about it 20% more, increasing word of mouth will attract more customer and might increase your customer loyalty.

Provide discounts and special offers
Discounts, loyalty points, and promotions are several effective ways to retain customer. Researchers agree that it is better to focus more on retaining your customer rather than attaining new customers. Attaining new customer is proven to be five times more expensive rather than retaining customers.


Everybody specifically ladies out there really love discounts, particularly discounts for fashion products. It’s a fact that discount will increase customer loyalty and progressively increase your profitability. Aside from that, applying promotions is another way to effectively retain customer. By creating promotions, it keeps your customer “excited” to visit your store. Providing various “unique” promotions will keep the “fire” on and keep customer interested with your store. Furthermore, applying loyalty points is an efficient way to maintain your customer and improve their satisfaction. Some customers love to collect “points” and trade it with different prizes or free products/services. Many famous business have apply this feature, where customer will receive certain “points” and can be trade with different prizes.

iSeller powerful marketing features

Knowing how important customer loyalty is for every business, iSeller offers built-in marketing features that helps you increase customer retentation and ultimately boost your revenues. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Discounts for your customer
One of the most effective ways to keep your customer coming back is giving them discount for their next purchase in the form of discount code. iSeller lets you easily create discount codes that are applicable store-wide or only for a specific outlet. More importantly, you can create discount that target certain conditions, such as discount that apply only to certain products, or orders with certain amount.

Watch this video to learn how to create a new discount with iSeller web admin.

2. Special offers and promotions
Want to run special offers/promotions to all your customers store-wide? That’s easy to do with iSeller. You can quickly create a promotion rule according to your business needs, thanks to the iSeller’s flexible promotion feature. Some popular rules include buy one product get another product for free, buy certain quantity of products and receive discounts, and much more. Note that you can also easily target collection or category of products in addition to a single product.

Learn how to create new promotions using iSeller web admin.

3. Loyalty points for your beloved customers
Last but not least, iSeller’s powerful loyalty points feature helps increasing customer’s revisit to your store and generating repeat order. With this feature, your customers receive points whenever they make purchase — whether in-store or online. For instance, customer who spent Rp 100.000 will receive 10 loyalty points. Later on, customers can redeem their points in several ways, as payment instrument or trade it with prizes.

Watch the video below to learn how to configure loyalty points in iSeller.


Beyond just standard features, iSeller offers comprehensive marketing features that is useful to grow your business. And best of all, these marketing features are available on all iSeller subscription plans at no additional cost. Not using iSeller yet? Sign up for 14 day trial and check out the marketing features yourself.

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