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iSeller Join Forces with GO-SEND to Provide Instant Delivery Services for SMBs

JAKARTA, 13 April 2018 – Indonesia is a country with big potential for every business especially online-based business. The significant development of E-commerce sector in the year 2017 make the sector very famous for every investor in 2018. Investment Coordinating Board state that the investment rate for E-commerce sector in the year 2017 reached up to USD 5 million. This put e-commerce sector as the most profitable and strategical economy sector now. Based expert researches done with  1000 respondents in Indonesia, over more than 70% respondent state that online store really affect their buying behavior, where they often shop online rather than offline.

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Seeing the importance of e-commerce sector, iSeller and GO-SEND join forces to provide a comprehensive solution for online selling as well as enabling fast and safe delivery system.

iSeller is a new generation of e-commerce platform that is specifically designed to answer the needs of small to medium enterprises today. With its integrated multi-channel retail, entrepreneur can easily sell offline with cloud point-of-sale supporting various payment methods such as Yap!, OVO and GO-PAY. With the same platform, entrepreneur can also sell online with their own branded online store equipped with world-class e-commerce features such as integrated payment accepting credit card, debit card, installment, bank transfer even payment from convenience store.

“With the integration with GO-SEND, small to medium sized online store can now enjoy instant delivery from within iSeller’s selling system, said Jimmy Petrus, CEO of iSeller. “We believe this collaboration will help increasing revenues for these small and medium online stores by offering a trusted instant delivery services. Selling and accepting payment has never been this easy, and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.” added Jimmy.

iSeller and GO-SEND integration is done through API (Application Programming Interface) technology from both platforms. Seller can easily activate GO-SEND service directly from iSeller platform. There are three pillars from the collaboration between iSeller and GO-SEND that will surely benefit both parties:

  • iSeller is the first SaaS based e-commerce platform in Indonesia which has been fully integrated with GO-SEND system, starting from price-checking, driver searching, auto-notification, and real-time delivery status.
  • iSeller and GO-SEND is committed to bring new innovation in the future to improve digital platform ecosystem which will beneficial for online store seller and consumer.
  • Aside from technical integration, both iSeller and GO-SEND will also collaborate on marketing and business aspects to provide attractive offers for both seller and consumer.

“We are very happy to collaborate with iSeller as our e-commerce enabler partner to provide end-to-end integration with GO-SEND platform,” said Peter Choi, VP of Logistics, GO-JEK. “Through this collaboration, now small and medium online store can benefit from GO-SEND delivery service to facilitate logistics challenges during selling process and develop entrepreneurship spirit in them,” added Peter. During launching period starting from 5 April 2018, iSeller offers free delivery with GO-SEND up to Rp 20,000 per delivery to every active iSeller merchant. Not only that, iSeller also offers special cashback promotions for 1000 new signups.

In this opportunity, Anthony Saputra, founder and CEO of adds “The delivery speed really affects the reputation and credibility online store, which ultimately increase customer satisfaction and order repetition. GO-SEND integration in iSeller platform really help our operational and fulfillment process. Everything is now automatic starting from checkout process until driver searching.”

“We really hope that SMEs can take their business to the next level by activating GO-SEND service which is now integrated with iSeller platform. The activation process is very easy, with just a few taps, you can start selling online and deliver fast”, added Jimmy.

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