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iSeller Top New Features in April

We are obsessed with supporting small to medium enterprises to overcome their difficulties in multi-channel selling. It’s our mission to provide the best and comprehensive system that help you develop your business. Over the past years, we have delivered various great features that you will find useful and love to use. With that in mind, here are our top new features that we have launched during Q2 this year. Get ready to be more productive, and way increasing your sales!

Product activities timeline

Often times, you will need to check what’s happened with the activities of certain products, i.e., when a product stock was added, when it was sold, when it was transferred, and so on. While you can do a quick summary check in the Inventory History report, there’s no easy way to look at the details in timeline fashion.

Tap into the new product timeline. As its name implies, this handy feature lets you easily review the product activites in timeline interface fashion. The activity timeline includes all inventory changes aspects such as transfer, adjustment, and sold.


Smart inventory editing restriction

The inventory editing in product form now automatically takes account the user’s permission on inventory access. This enables a popular scenario where the user has access to Product module for managing all aspects of the product except the inventory. That said, the product editing automatically restricts the inventory editing if the user doesn’t have the permission which eliminate any intentional or unintentional human error.


As you can see in the image above, noticed inventory editing is restricted for the user, despite having access to other product aspects. How convenient is that?

Revenue sharing report

This brand new report allows businesses with multiple outlet share their revenue to the main outlet. In this example we have one food court with multiple tenant which serve as multiple outlet.


As seen in the image above, once you defined the percentage of revenue sharing for each outlet, the report will automatically determine the designated shared revenue amount of each outlet based on the total sales and revenue sharing percentage. Forget huge pile of paper, reviewing your shared revenue should be that simple and easy. With iSeller, you can get the result of weeks reviewing in just a few seconds.

Product promotion enhancement

This new enhancement toward promotion lets you easily set a specific limited amount of promotion. See the image below for more information.


After you create new promotion, there is an additional form that limit the maximum discount amount. For example if the product cost Rp 100,000 with 75% discount, with this feature, the specific discounted amount is still Rp 50,000.

Automatic voucher generator

Our next update is the fresh automatic voucher generator. This handy feature lets you easily create your own voucher as one of your marketing strategy and your payment method.


You can find this feature under “Payment” options, see image above for more information. You can easily create your own voucher with their designated voucher code that can be used by your customer.

When it’s all done, your customer can pay with designated voucher code – all with automatic and instant verification. See image below.


Not only that, we provide utmost convenience and security by providing you detailed information when one voucher code is used.


Customer import

Do you have a huge load of existing customer data? You can now upload your existing CSV-based customer data with just a simple tap. Say goodbye to all hard-time entering all customer data manually!


New promotion discount with specific amount option

Our next feature provides you special, specific discount amount during your promotion time. With this new feature, you can automatically change the price of an item or collection into a specific amount.


In the image below, notice that all product price for accessories will have its price changed into Rp 30,000 – automatically.



It’s all thanks to our faithful customers for the amazing feedback, which allows us to continuously improving our products with new features and enhancements to simplify your life. We’d love to hear what you think about these new features, or if you have other feedback. Please reach out to us at 0812 1111 8300 or 812 1111 8700, you can email us if you prefer! Stay tuned for our next post.

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