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iSeller and Permata Bank Join Forces To Boost POS Mobility

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Permata Bank, enabling business owners with Permata cards to get iSeller POS with easy 0% installment up to 24 months. The partnership is a result of our continuous commitment to deliver innovative and affordable fintech solution to more than 26 million SMEs in Indonesia, including both retail and F&B sectors. With iSeller POS and integrated digital payment combined, business owners can now easily accept card payment for their transactions, including all popular credit card brands such as VISA, Master, JCB, and Amex, as well as all national debit cards. This helps business owners to modernize their sales and payment system, and ultimately boost their sales and increase their profitability.

Flyer Permata-Indosat

In addition, the partnership also brings various exciting benefits and advantages for Permata card holders:

1. Receive cashback up to 1 million Rupiah!

The first special offer you could get is a cashback up to ONE MILLION RUPIAH! The cashback is automatically applied for any iSeller POS packages purchase, and will be provided by Permata Bank in the second installment period. In short, the cashback amount will be credited to your card.

2. SimplePay 0% for 24 months

Take your business to a whole new level with zero investment upfront. Just swipe your Permata card and get the best-in-class POS system delivered to your store. Don’t miss this amazing offer that provide the utmost competitive advantages for your business.

3. Free Indosat Ooredoo LTE prepaid SIM card!

Get free 2 GB Indosat Ooredoo LTE prepaid SIM card for purchasing iSeller POS packages through Permata Credit Card. You may also get free SMS and phone call to any Indosat number for 1 year! How amazing is that?!


How to purchase iSeller POS using Permata installment

Purchasing iSeller POS with Permata installment is very easy. See the video below to learn more:

Here are the simple steps to purchase iSeller POS packages with the great special offers:

  1. Visit to start purchasing your desired POS packages
  2. Input your personal details
  3. Select your preferred delivery method
  4. Select installment for your payment method
  5. Input your Permata credit card details
  6. Enjoy your special offer!

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