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iSeller, Indonesia’s First Omni Channel E-commerce Platform Is Officially Launching.

Jakarta – October 2017: iSeller, Indonesia’s startup company which operates in information technology industry which is currently located in Jakarta, Indonesia, officially provide next generation, omni-channel e-commerce platform. This is the first appearance of omni-channel e-commerce platform in Indonesia that is aimed for SMEs (Small to Medium sized Entreprise).

iSeller omni-channel platform supports entrepreneurs to digitalize their business from offline store to online stores. So that business owners could sell in various integrated platforms from physical stores, point of sale, online e-commerce, mobile phone, even from social media.

Jimmy Petrus, iSeller’s CEO states “iSeller combines and mixed various sales channel into one omni-channel platform. Retail business owner doesn’t need multiple platform to sell in offline channel and online channel, iSeller platform is sufficient”.

Inspired and motivated from disintegrated selling procedure, iSeller see that entrepreneurs have limited scope when promoting and selling their products. Extremely high costs to purchase various commerce platform that enables them to sell in different platforms became one of the main obstacles for entrepreneurs. This kind of conditions then became the reason to create a cloud-based, omni-channel platform.

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Designed comprehensively, iSeller platform provides ease-of-use for small to medium enterprises to operate, manage and scale their business. Starting from accepting various payment methods, automatic inventory synchronization, sales report from various sales channel, which then connects with shipping carriers both locally and globally.

“We really appreciate iSeller because the mission for this platform is not only supporting small to medium enterprises to create their business, iSeller help entrepreneurs to export their products globally. With iSeller, we also wish that there are diversification of products sold and entrepreneurs in remote areas around Indonesia could create their own business and have a chance to compete in the global market. We also hope that iSeller could boost up the competitive advantages of Indonesia’s small to medium enterprises.” said Ari Satria, Sekretaris Ditjen Pengembangan Ekspor Nasional Kementerian Perdagangan

Additionally, iSeller omni-channel platform is believed to boost and increase competitive advantages and store credibility as well as save up operational cost. With a single platform, SMEs could sell from both physical store and online store with their own domain. From branding and marketing perspective, entrepreneurs could advertise their brand without depending on specific e-commerce platforms.

“This is one whole package with more efficiency from operational cost and retailer productivity, because with a single platform, SMEs could start selling offline and online with their very own brand, accept various payment, and easily manage inventory from a single view. We believe that iSeller platform could help entrepreneurs to develop their business more efficiently and more effectively,” add Jimmy.

There are three main pillars that serve as the foundation of iSeller platform. First, iSeller provides the best user experience from design, product ease of use comparable with Silicon Valley’s platform. This particular pillar also provides cutting-edge technology enabling entrepreneurs to build their business efficiently. To support this pillar, iSeller provide technical support hotline +62 816 473 5537 and live chat service that is integrated with all iSeller web channel

“The market that iSeller provide is very unique because its a combination between offline market and online market. What’s more interesting is that iSeller will help you when creating your business. They will help you to make your own website, taking care of every exporting rules and regulations, even with the taxes, everything will be helped by iSeller team. This is truly an innovation for entrepreneurs to ease them in developing their businesses” said Suryani Motik Head Leader DPP HIPPI.

The second pillar, iSeller platform provides affordable price and can be adjusted with business scale and their needs. The stated price is already included POS subscription and ecommerce with affordable monthly subscription. The last pillar, from the quality and security perspective, iSeller platform is designed and managed comprehensively and is already comply with world-class standard like PCI DSS Level 1.

iSeller platform is specially designed for various businesses that focuses on retail and F&B sectors including café, restaurant, or even small stores. With cloud-based, all data starting from selling process and payment is stored in a fool-proof server. There are numerous of businesses trusts their selling product or their services using iSeller such as: Gloria Jeans Coffee, Cantikayu, Tobafish, De Plaza, Muju Avenue, Restu Mande, Baso Afung, First Crack Cafe and Urban Twist.

Kevin Wu, Deputy e-commerce Kadin stated that “The first time we hear that there’s this platform that provide a service which focuses and support Indonesia’s SMEs, we feel that it needs all of the attention and support from government, entrepreneurs, as well as all media. Since 2010, I saw many SMEs struggle in digitizing their business, the big capital needed is the most concerning issue when shifting from offline to online business. We believe that iSeller is the answer to our long-awaited prayers, and with full support from government and SMEs, it could be the Indonesia’s Alibaba.”

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“We hope with all these benefits we offer, iSeller could help entrepreneurs especially SMEs to penetrate global market and boost their selling revenue. Of course when SMEs experience an increase in revenue, nation’s economy will be surely increased as well,” Jimmy add.

In order to support this omni-channel platform, iSeller have partnered up with more than 50 business partners such as Samsung, BCA, BNI, Maybank, Permata, Indosat Ooredoo, TIKI, JNE, DHL, Fedex, etc. These partnership is believed to increase customer experience and provide various facilities and easiness through the integrated partnership system with iSeller platform.


About Intersoft Solutions
Intersoft Solutions is a leading visionary technology company which focuses on software research and development, user experience design, financial technology and integrated business platform. Established since 2005, Intersoft have created over than 500 product application development tools which cover various technology segments such as web, desktop, enterprise and cross-platform mobile. On the end of year 2016, Intersoft’s technology has been used by over more than 3000 enterprise in various vertical industries all over the world, including NASDAQ, Boeing, Airbus, Emirates, Citibank, Bank of America, Medco Energy, Accenture, Microsoft, Mitsui, Pertamina, and Astra International. Beside that, Intersoft have won various international awards for their product and design, such as: Top 100 Best Software Company from SD Times USA and Most Innovative Company from Microsoft Indonesia.

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