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Introducing limited user access and admin elevation for POS users

In my previous posts, I’ve written about some new usability and functionality features that we introduced in our recent updates. In case you missed it, please check it out here. As I mentioned in earlier post, there are dozens of updates in the February rollup which include new functionality, stability and reliability improvements as well as important security features. In this post, let’s look at the new security features designed to simplify permissions for general POS users.

The majority of POS users are categorized into two: store manager/admin and cashiers/general users. In most cases, general users such as cashiers, bartenders, or servers are not authorized to perform security-sensitive operations such as modifying settings, applying custom discounts, voiding transactions, accessing order list, etc. In recent iSeller updates, we’ve made it super easy for store owners to restrict user permissions for POS access. We introduced a new “limited access” mode for POS access which you can easily apply by simply turning the switch on. See the following video.

Once the user is set with limited access, they will no longer able to perform security-sensentive operations such as follows:

  • Applying custom discount in both item and order level.
  • Applying custom tax.
  • Performing order-related functions such as refund and void.
  • Performing post-payment functions such as changing quantity or void an item.
  • Accessing POS settings such as adding/removing hardware, diagnostics, etc.

We’ve thoughtfully predefine these operations so you don’t have to worry which action you should restrict. It’s automatic, effortless, and just works out of the box.

While users with limited access isn’t a new thing, most traditional POS system disabled or removed the functions from the user interface. This is quite a hassle and a trade-off for convenience which require switching back-and-forth between users and managers. This is where iSeller’s contextual admin elevation really shines. We reimagined a better user experience where security doesn’t trade-off convenience. We achieved it by making all functions to remain visible to users as it should. However, as users tap into security-sensitive context, iSeller automatically display the PIN screen for store managers to quickly grant permission. Take a closer look at how admin elevation works in the video below.

We hope you enjoyed the new limited POS access and built-in admin elevation feature along with a bunch of enhancements across the web store admin and POS apps. Take advantage and enjoy these new features right away by simply updating your iSeller POS apps to the latest version.

Got feedback or features you wish to see in our next update? Leave your comment in the box below. Stay tuned for our next post!

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