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New swipe UX revolutionizes how chefs work with kitchen display

Our recent February 2017 updates brought along massive updates to our entire POS apps as well as our core iSeller Cloud foundation. In the previous post, I’ve discussed the new QuickBar UI that lets user take orders in much less taps and scrolls. Today, I’m excited to show you what we’ve done with our magical Kitchen Display app that’s fully integrated with F&B and Express apps.

The new Kitchen Display app now features a completely revamped user experience which allow chefs or bartenders to mark completed items with just a swipe, while previously requires a couple taps. Our design story starts with listening feedback from chefs which typically work with classic printed-out receipts, and observe how they work natively. Our biggest challenge is to come up with a balanced solution that could transform the classic way of working into digital way without compromising or sacrificing their current workflow. This means that the digital Kitchen app should be fun to use, and more importantly, shouldn’t be more complex than the existing classic workflow.

After hundreds of hours of intensive researching and perfecting the new experience, today we’re making available the new “swipe to done” user experience to all our customers worldwide. The majority of chefs/users we interviewed loved this solution the most, allowing them to swipe multiple completed items really quick and easy. Too good to be true? Watch the video below and see it yourself.

In addition, we’re also revamping the entire interface design of our Kitchen Display app. As seen below, it now features larger fonts and more contrast colors which makes it easy for users to see priority items. It’s also worthwhile to note the new Status Bar which now features an intuitive incoming orders indicator.

Along with the Kitchen Display update, we’re also giving out a bonus feature in the F&B edition. As chefs swipe the orders to done, servers can now see the result in realtime on the POS or POO (Order Point). This solves many challenging communication issues in restaurant management and truly simplify the collaboration between cashiers, servers, and chefs/bartenders. See the video below.

We hope you enjoyed the new swipe experience in Kitchen Display and the bonus feature we added in the F&B edition, as well as numerous important stability tweaks we brought along in this update. We’re striving to continuously roll out quality updates with more innovative features and experiences, making you and your team even more productive, and ultimately achieving greater customer satisfactions and higher revenues.

Got feedback or features you wish to see in our next update? Leave your comment in the box below. Stay tuned for our next post!

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