Selling Made Easy with Faster Checkout, Multiple Payments and more

Selling made easy with faster checkout, multi payment, and realtime inventory sync.

In my previous post, I’ve briefly introduced iSeller, a forward-thinking PaaS commerce platform designed for today’s demanding business. One of the most powerful features that we rolled out in our release is the point-of-sale selling channel featuring deep integration and automatic realtime sync with the iSeller platform. While building iSeller POS apps, we put a lot of thoughts to reimagine the entire selling experience, and paying attention to every little detail of the functional and interface design. In this post, you’ll learn the outcome and differences of iSeller POS, and how it could help you run, manage and scale  your business easily.

Fewer taps. Faster checkout.

Building on next-generation mobile apps technology, iSeller POS features a super sleek and beautiful user interface design that makes checkout truly a breeze. Just tap on the products to add them to the cart and simply tap on the Pay button when done. What makes iSeller unique is its automatic promotions calculation feature. Unlike traditional POS where you’ll need several taps to manually select promotions, iSeller saves your time and minimize errors by automatically identifying promotions as you add items to the cart. Trust me, you’ll really love it! Take a quick glance of iSeller checkout screen below.

More than just gorgeous design, iSeller leverages mobile technologies wherever applicable to further enhance your checkout experience. With decades of UX design experience, our goal is to create design that is beautiful yet highly functional and usable. We definitely don’t like cluttered interface design with “sea of buttons” such as in traditional POS. Our solution is to leverage contextual interface through swiping gesture wherever applicable. It brings the elegance of iOS design to the Android version of iSeller. For instance, you can swipe the cart item to delete them from the cart, see the image below.

In the iSeller for Restaurant edition, the same swipe gesture is used to bring even more contextual functionality. Users can easily void certain items, or set certain items to be fired later. Working with a point of sale has never been so easy and enjoyable. Here’s the shot for your reference.

Accept various payment types.

Payment is inevitably one of the most crucial aspects in a point-of-sale. To run a successful business, your POS need to be able to accept various form of payments. The more payment types supported, the faster your business will grow. Otherwise, your business will keep missing sales just because your POS can’t checkout the orders.

As a matter of fact, many POS out there still don’t have multi payment capability, and even worse, didn’t support card payments. Business with such POS will definitely lost significant amount of sales. I’ve seen and experienced this myself when I encountered some shops that didn’t accept card payment. They lost sales as I walked away to other shops that accept one. With iSeller POS, you won’t experience such cases, ever.

iSeller lets you accept any form of payments including card payments integrated right to the iSeller POS. Introducing iSeller Pay, you can simply swipe major credit cards and accept payment instantly. Everything is just a few taps away. More importantly, the Bluetooth card reader peripheral is deeply integrated with the app to provide best security and payment experience. Say goodbye to error-prone, manual amount input!

iSeller Pay

In addition, iSeller also provides more advanced payment types when a customer is selected, including on-account, loyalty and store credit, which is thoughtfully integrated to the iSeller platform for multi-sales channel. What’s more, you can also combine multiple payment types in a single checkout, or provide layaway/partial payment for VIP customers.

Split Payment

Best of all, iSeller lets you define your own payment types so rest assured that you can always checkout your customers with whatever payment types you need to support, for instance, Groupon vouchers, cheques, and more.

Inventory management made simple.

One of the biggest challenges in running retail business is obviously the inventory management. Many desperate business owners told us that they wasted most of their time analyzing and updating their inventory manually. Apparently, most traditional POS (and even some mobile generation POS) don’t support such realtime inventory updates, thus requiring their users to update manually. Why, you asked. The main reason is simply because realtime sync is complex and fairly difficult to be implemented correctly without solid engineering expertise. Imagine the combined complexity of both functional business workflow and non-functional requirements such as connectivity issues and offline support, which require a great amount of time for engineering and testing.

However, for us, realtime sync is such a fundamental feature that we can’t remove from our list. Our goal for iSeller is to do one thing very well: selling. We take the pain out of repetitive and tedious processes by automating everything we could behind the scene, so our customers can focus on what’s matter to them: selling anywhere and grow their business.

That said, iSeller is the first point-of-sale that provides the most reliable realtime sync in the industry. It is building on the proven and mature sync technology used by enterprises around the world as well as some Global 3000 companies. As the result, every time you made a sale in the POS, the products with inventory tracking will be automatically updated to the cloud, as well as across all outlets and registers. Likewise, inventory updates on the store admin  will also automatically notify all registered POS. No more manual updates, just sit back and relax, and enjoy managing your business!

Sales reports at your fingertips.

Based on our customers’ testimonials, the ability to access sales reports instantly is #1 reason why they choose iSeller over traditional point-of-sale. Imagine all you need to do is just sit back, relax, and watch your sales counting from the iSeller’s stunning dashboard. No matter where you are, you can always access sales reports, inventory and many other reports right from your laptops or tablet devices. Very convenience.

Realtime sales reports

As seen in the above illustration, once an order is completed, iSeller automatically sync the order to the cloud, and across the associated registers. At a glance, you might thought this is something already common in other cloud-based POS. Wait, don’t be fooled. Many other  systems, although claiming to be cloud-based POS, still require you to hit a button to perform the sync, or it’s syncing only at certain cases/actions. Unlike competing systems, iSeller’s sync process is automatic, seamless, and instant. No extra efforts are required, and you gonna love it!

Built for high performance and durability.

No matter how powerful or how advanced a POS is said to be, it won’t do the job if it can’t serve high workload and intensive checkout in a long run.  For mobile-generation POS (and specially Android), resources is very scarce and need to be very well maintained. A lot of technical considerations need to be mapped out to avoid interruptions and crashes. Just one incorrect implementation will lead to leaks and causing instability. No wonder many Android-based POS apps sacrificed their functionality due to stability and durability issues.

Performance, stability and durability has always been our main focus as we designed iSeller POS from the ground up, while at the same time offering the best user experience and advanced functionality. It requires truly solid engineering expertise with uncountable iterations of testing. Per our testing with the latest version (v1.13+), iSeller POS apps are capable to handle thousands of non-stop checkout without crashes. You can even leave the app opened for days and use it for highly intensive checkout. That’s the quality of a point-of-sale you deserve for your fast growing business.


In this blog post, you have learnt top 5 reasons why you should choose iSeller for your commerce platform. But don’t take our words for granted, try it for yourself and sign up today. Once you started your trial, you can start selling in minutes and experience our differences. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post, and feel free to ask us any questions in the comment form below.

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