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Special Offer: Free GO-SEND Shipping

It is a pleasure for me to finally announce that iSeller and GO-SEND have finally collaborate together to further support Indonesia’s small to medium enterprises. This integration enables all iSeller online store merchants to ship their products instantly with GO-SEND. This integration lets you easily sell and send your product effectively and efficiently. All you have to do is just sit back and real – and let us do the rest!


GO-SEND provide a quick, efficient and safe delivery services that plays an important role in business and E-commerce. Furthermore, GO-SEND believe that it can enhance customer satisfaction, increase shopping experience, and optimized business operational.

With GO-SEND integration right into iSeller, you can ship your products with GO-SEND in just a simple taps. Everything is completely automatic and real-time – no more tedious, manual pickup.

Activating GO-SEND delivery service

The GO-SEND integration feature is available to all iSeller merchants without additional charges. If you’re new to iSeller, all you need to do is register and GO-SEND feature is up and ready for your business. If your online store is already up and running, you can enable GO-SEND integration from the Shipping settings, locate the GO-SEND option, and simply flip the switch! It’s that easy, you’re now ready to ship with GO-SEND!


GO-SEND available options

We provide utmost flexibility and convenience for you to choose which GO-SEND services you would like to offer to your online shoppers. This advanced setting allows you to configure additional settings such as free shipping, deliery fees adjustment, and much more. See the image below.


Our integration brought various benefits for merchant as well as customer. We offer the best-in-class features and convenience for merchant, but that’s not all, we also provide various exciting features that make your customers enjoy shopping on your online store. Keep reading!

Automatic pricing

Once you enabled the GO-SEND services, they will start appearing in your checkout site. When your customer specifies their shipping address, iSeller smartly detect if the shipping address is reachable with GO-SEND. If it is, your customers will see the options along with the real-time price. This automatic pricing is 100% accurate with zero error possibilities!


Track the fulfillment status

Beyond just checkout integration, iSeller automatically fetch a GO-SEND driver when you fulfill an order. You will then get a real-time notification whether a driver is found, right in the iSeller admin screen.

More importantly, you can track the driver position and updates easily. Just click on the order, and you will be brought to the tracking screen where you can easily track your order.


Not only that, you will also receive the information of your driver. From below image you can see the name, photo, and phone number of your designated driver, so you won’t mistakenly giving out your packages!



Order tracking

After you fulfilled the order from the iSeller admin, your customer will receive a text message containing a link that show the order tracking screen from their smartphone. So there you go, a powerful commerce platform that’s easy to work with!


Enjoy special offer: Free GO-SEND delivery

Integration between GO-SEND and iSeller just make selling online fun and easy again. With iSeller’s omni-channel selling system and GO-SEND secure and fast delivery system, selling online is a dream-come-true for everybody.

Thanks for reading my blog post – and here’s the best part. If you signed up and activated a plan before the end of June, we’re giving out free GO-SEND shipping up to Rp. 20.000 for your online shoppers. This rare special offer is valid for max Rp 250.000 or within a month after your activation, whichever come first. So what are you waiting for? Register now and start selling online today!

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