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iSeller x Jurnal Collaborative Event: Retail Breakthrough

When we talk about business, we cant stray too much from what we call as innovation. The era keeps changing, so do businesses. The kind of conventional, traditional type of businesses will be overthrown by the ones who keep evolving. We live in a fast-changing world after all, where everything keeps being digitalized. If we can’t keep up with the phase, our business will eventually die. Like what exactly happened to some of big players in retail world.

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It may sounds scary at first. However, it is actually not a doomed situation. Our last event, Retail Breakthrough: Modernize Your Retail Business Through Digital Kiosk was held to introduce you to a brand new system for retail business. It was held on June 27th, 2019 and was a great success. We partnered with Jurnal, OVO, Proyek Beta, and Ixobox to bring you a whole new system called Digital Kiosk. As the name may sounds new to your ears, this system has actually been used in many countries. Some also call it self-service kiosk or self-service machine.


A Whole New Digital System


We brought astounding speakers who are experts in their own fields. There are 3 main forces who will change the face of retail business. Digital kiosk, digital payment and digital accounting system. Kevin Ventura, CCO of iSeller explained how the international market is going through rapid change, especially in payment method. Most of the business running in countries like China or Japan already use digital kiosk system due to it’s simplicity. You don’t need to hire casher or shopkeeper anymore because your customers can do all the order and payment by themselves. This new experience is the one that will bring your retail business to another level, thus will drive people into your business.

Pujo, Senior Manager of Sales and Partnership from OVO also stated that currently in Indonesia, most of the payments made in stores are digital payment. The ball is rolling from cash to cashless payment, and among all type of cashless payment, mobile payment is the most popular right now. The reason is obvious though. Rather than bringing lots of cash in your wallet, it is way better to bring your smartphone and pay with it. It is much faster and riskless.

iSeller Digital Kiosk is basically the embodiment of the two powerful system. Our digital kiosk already supported various digital payment, included OVO payment, one of the most popular mobile payment in Indonesia. We bring the whole new experience for your customers, the online to offline experience. However, having a powerful new selling system isn’t complete without having the same powerful management system. And that is where Jurnal take it’s role. Jibrilia Alamsjah, Managing Director of Proyek Beta, which is one of Jurnal’s biggest partner, introduced us to the biggest cloud-based accounting software that do almost everything for you. This cloud-based system provides you centralized accounting management. No more messy work around you because all can be done digitally.

The combination of all the three powerful forces is the one we bring into retail world, creating one ultimate end-to-end system for your business. As some of you may already know, iSeller has been integrated with Jurnal. You can bring the new experience of modern retail store through iSeller Digital Kiosk, and process all the sales and profit gained with Jurnal. This whole digital system will be a new face of modern retail.

Ixobox, Sales Rose Up With Digital Kiosk


The one who already successfully implemented this new digital system in his business is none other than Alese Sandria, General Manager of Ixobox. Ixobox is one of the leading barber shop in Indonesia. Using iSeller Digital Kiosk, Ixobox offered their customers a whole digital experience. You will not find any cashier anymore in any Ixobox stores. All process from making order to payment completion can be done in one machine. Alese testified that Ixobox sales has been increased significantly after they implemented the new system. Most Ixobox customers also don’t pay with cash anymore, as the digital kiosk provided a much more simple payment using digital wallet like OVO. Alese also mentioned that the possibility of fraud occurring is smaller now because of the whole digital process. No more having high risk with cash payment.


At the end, real experience is more valuable than bunch of words. If you want to taste and see for yourself this whole new system, you can come and visit Ixobox stores. We also implemented our digital kiosk in Agung Sedayu Retail Indonesia or ASRI’s malls such as Mall of Indonesia, PIK Avenue and Grand Galaxy Park. See how our digital kiosk works for various retail business, including malls. If you are interested in using iSeller, come and join our family for free! Just visit our page and get your 14 days free trial. Don’t forget to visit Jurnal page here to see the full feature of a powerful accounting software. Let’s modernize your retail business and be the top with iSeller and Jurnal!

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