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Client Highlight: Agung Sedayu Retail Indonesia

In my previous post, I already talked about how our Digital Kiosk transformed the face of retail business. Agung Sedayu Retail Indonesia (ASRI), one of the biggest retail industry in Indonesia, decided to implement our Digital Kiosk in their malls. Have you ever heard of Mall of Indonesia, Grand Galaxy Park, and PIK Avenue? Those are ASRI’s malls. And they decided to use our system not only in one mall, but all 3 of them!

This is such a big step for us and for ASRI themselves. Their malls now became more technology-advanced, and they already one step ahead their competitors. To boost the experience, ASRI is currently holding 3 main events in each mall. Unicorn Land in Mall of Indonesia, Friendship Festival in Grand Galaxy Park, and Dinosaurs City Invansion in PIK Avenue. What are these events about? Keep reading to know more!

Unicorn Land


Who doesn’t love unicorn? These cute creatures are believed to be exist only in storybooks. But, what if you can meet them in real life? Would be so exciting, right? Good news is, you can really do this at Unicorn Land in Mall of Indonesia! The moment you stepped into this magical land, you will be greeted by a bunch of cute unicorns. Not only can you take photos with your favorite unicorns, you can also ride on them. There is also a tub full of pastel-colored balls where you can dip your body in, and take super cute photos.


This event is being held from June 1st, 2019 until July 14th, 2019. To enjoy this magical land, you only need to pay IDR 50.000. Buy your ticket only at our Digital Kiosk, and exchange it for special prize at the end of your journey. Come visit Unicorn Land now, and fill your day with magic and of course, unicorns!


Friendship Festival


Bumblebee, Play Doh and My Little Pony. You can meet them at Friendship Festival in Grand Galaxy Park, Bekasi. These very cute Hasbro characters are ready to meet and play with you. So exciting, right? There was also special performance from Neona, at June 22th. The meet and greet with Bumblebee that was held in June 22th – 23th and My Little Pony at June 29th – 30th successfully brought smiles to the visitors, who were mostly parents and kids.

This event is being held from June 14th – July 14th, 2019. If you missed the chance to meet Bumblebee and My Little Pony, don’t worry because you can still meet with Play Doh at July 13th – 14th! Buy your ticket at iSeller Digital Kiosk and don’t miss the chance to bring smiles to your family and children.


Dinosaurs City Invasion


Who wants to meet with Triceratops, T-Rex and Raptor? You don’t need to go back in time using time machine just to meet them. These ancient creatures were made alive again by PIK Avenue! You can meet them at Dinosaurs City Invasion that is being held from June 28th – July 28th, 2019. You can take bunch of photos with dinosaurs 3D arts made by Imural. Be creative and pose as if you were living in ancient times!


Dinosaurs live show will be held on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can see living dinosaurs and even feed them! This will be a really fun experience for you and your children. So, don’t miss this chance and bring your family along to see these legendary creatures. Buy your ticket at our Digital Kiosk with only IDR 300.000, for 2 adults and 2 children. Perfect to spend time with your whole family, right? You can also get special merchandise after the show ended.


Along with the ticket, you can also do a lot more. You can see the mall directory, see on-going promotion and also play game for special prizes. Not to mention our vouchers that you can buy right from our kiosk at a cheapest price! We have lots of vouchers from restaurants to even Carrefour. Just browse through our list of vouchers and get anything you want!

You can taste the experience yourself at Mall of Indonesia, Grand Galaxy Park and PIK Avenue. If you are interested in using our digital kiosk, you can contact our sales, or check out our website here. Subscribe to this blog, and stay updated everyone! See you in our next post.

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