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Printing invoice and barcode label was once a difficult and tedious task to do – not anymore with iSeller! In the recent updates, we deliver numerous exciting enhancements that makes invoice and barcode printing easy and simple. It will definitely make your life a whole lot easier. Let’s check it out.

Improved Order Printing

In the previous version, we only provided a very basic order printing format which might not be suitable for customer invoicing. In this release, we have completely revamp the order printing with a clean, much professional style which automatically include logo and complete order details. In addition, you can easily customize the footer text with marketing or appreciation messages. This allows you to easily print it as an invoice for your customers.

All you have to do is search for the specific order you want to print and click on the Print command in the More menu. As soon as the dialog appears, a preview of the actual invoice will be shown. If everything is good, simply tap Print.

1. Print invoice

Barcode and Label Printing

Another exciting feature we shipped along in this release is the label printing supporting a variety of International standard barcode format. This means you no longer need to work with separate barcode software, eliminating manual copy pasting serial numbers, and greatly increase your efficiency.

As seen in the screenshot below, printing labels is just a tap away. You can customize how you want the barcode to be printed based on the printer you used. In addition, you also have the flexibility to control how the barcode should appear – whether with SKU, Name, and so on.

2. print barcode

Aside from barcode printing, iSeller also support QR code printing which works great for online payment label, particularly if you enable iSeller Online Store in your account. With iSeller’s omni channel capability, you can provide a revolutionary O2O retail experience that lets your customers buy products from any channels, whether in-store, online, or social media.

3. 020 retail

A great use case is to present the QR codes in events or exhibitions, enabling visitors to scan the QR code, make payment online, and receive the goods later through shipment. This is great if you have a lot of products that can’t be all showcased in the event. Another interesting use case would be to embed the QR code in printed medias such as advertising or promotions. This lets consumers quickly scan the code and make payment online directly from their smart devices.

4. Print QR Code


The new invoice and label printing feature is truly time-saving features that help you to be more productive and stay out of hassles. In case you haven’t used iSeller yet, register now and don’t miss these features! Follow our Instagram and Facebook to know our recent updates.

See you on our next post!

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