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Buy iSeller POS Online and Get Special Offers!

Today, I’m very excited to announce the grand launch of our iSeller Hardware Online Store. As business owners, you can now purchase POS hardware right from our online store, sit back and relax, and wait for your orders delivered to your door. Designed by our award-winning experience team, we’re re-imagining the hardware store experience, making it ultimately simple, easy and quick for you to select the right POS hardware that suit your store and brand.

In this initial launch, iSeller online store provides various POS (point of sale) packages categorized by business types and size, as well as a wealth of accessories such as tablet holder, bluetooth barcode scanner, extra tablets and many more that you can easily purchase for your business needs. In this post, let’s tour some key features iSeller store has to offer.


Amazon-grade Store Experience

Thoughtfully designed by our award-winning UX designers, the iSeller online store presents its catalog in large and beautiful layout so you can conveniently browse and discover the packages and accessories that match your store’s brands. From quick preview to add cart and checkout, every interface has been carefully optimized for a pleasing, hassle-free online shopping experience.

As seen in the above video, not only does iSeller provide beautiful store experience, it also features powerful capabilities similar to those in Amazon such as smart variant selection, auto price adjustment as you select a different variant, and much more. This allows you to conveniently see at a glance what options are available as you change a variant, thus dramatically save your time to get the right product you desire. Imagining conventional online store without the variant capability, you’d typically have to click through dozens of different products, not to mention comparing the features and prices manually would be really tedious.

Next, let’s see what iSeller has in store!

POS Packages Designed for Your Business

Unlike traditional store that offer tons of generic POS products, iSeller online store offers only hand-picked POS packages designed to address different type and size of business. Getting the right POS hardware for your store has never been easier!


Just starting up a new business with limited capital? Simply select Starter package and upgrade as your business grows. Need customer display to level up your store experience? Then select Pro package, comprised with a premium 10″ tablet complete with wireless 8″ customer display. Furthermore, we also offer high-end packages suitable for large, multi-outlet and franchise business.

Smart Accessories for Your POS

A wide selection of accessories for your POS is available for purchase separately, including industrial-grade cash drawer with foolproof safety, various tablet stand and tablet holder with durable and redefined design, thermal receipt and kitchen printers, Bluetooth card readers and much more.

accessories design

While you’re at it, be sure to checkout our wireless and cutting-edge barcode scanners capable with millions of repetitive scans, perfect for confronting long queue of retail businesses face. Many more innovative products available and we will keep adding new, beneficial accessories for your convenient.

Build Your Own POS Package

Yes you read that right! The first of its kind in the industry, we’re offering Build Your Own (BYO) feature right in our online store so you can mix and match the components to suit your POS needs. You can easily choose the components for the tablet, color, subscription, and accessories you wish to include in the package.

customize POS

The intuitive smart variant selection lets you see what options are available for each variant group, and how much price it adds or subtracts relative to the current selection. With a few taps, you can figure out the right components that fit your needs and budget.

Optimized for Mobile

Need to browse and purchase from your smartphone or tablet? No worries, all our store interface and catalogs are fully responsive. It works and looks equally beautiful however you access it, from the desktop, tablet or mobile.

design revised

Buy iSeller POS Today!

Without much ado, now let’s experience the iSeller online store for yourself here, and get your desired POS package with special launch offers!

Some noteworthy special offers that you don’t want to miss:

  • FREE 1 year Starter subscription.
  • FREE shipping to Jabodetabek area in Indonesia.
  • CASHBACK up to 1jt rupiah.

In addition, we also offered multi payment channels including credit cards, bank transfers, ATM, and even convenience store. More importantly, we have partnered with major banks for 0% installments which is a great choice for financing your business. So what else are you waiting for? Get your ultimate POS now and start selling.

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