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Introducing iSeller mPOS, Your Next Generation Payment Solution

The new generation of payment solution is here! I’m excited to introduce our new iSeller mPOS, a revolutionary mobile payment solution that lets business owners accept digital and card payment easily and securely. Unlike other generic solutions, the new mPOS is sophisticatedly integrated with iSeller POS, enabling cashiers to make transactions safely without requiring manual amount entry. The entire charge process is automatically synchronized to the iSeller POS, making payment easier than ever before, from settlement, digital signing input, PIN authorization, as well as voiding. In this post, I’ll share the iSeller mPOS features and how it can benefit your business in details. Read on.

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iSeller mPOS is the outcome of the joint collaboration between iSeller and Indosat in an effort to bring an innovative payment solution for modern retail business. The partnership will take full advantage of simplicity, security and comfortability of the new mPOS device as universal payment method. As you may already aware, credit card abuse and fraud distress both business owners and customers. With iSeller mPOS, these misfortune can be prevented.

iSeller mPOS provides numerous benefits and advantages such as:

  • Preventing Human errors: Traditional EDC will require cashiers to input the amount manually into EDC. This method is vulnerable to human errors, a simple errors such as adding one zero will create huge misfortune, even if it’s done unintentionally. iSeller mPOS could eliminate this misfortune. iSeller mPOS automatically obtain the order amount from iSeller POS upon transactions without requiring manual entry, as well as automatically detecting the state of the device during the entire payment process. This is very convenient both for customers as well as business owners.
  • Avoiding Identity theft: Another frequent credit card fraud is identity theft. When you swipe your credit card to the cash register or POS with poor security guard, your identity is at risk. Hackers could hack into your POS database and steal it, and use the stolen card information illegally. Rest assured! iSeller mPOS employs the most secure payment device that could prevent identity theft as well. That’s made possible since you don’t have to swipe your credit card into the cash register or POS, preventing potential security breaches. iSeller processes the payment right to the acquiring bank without storing sensitive card information.
  • Eliminating additional amount abuse: This abuse occurs when customers pay extra amount of money rather than what is ordered. For example the order amount is Rp 135,000 but the employee put Rp 155,000 at the EDC. If you’re not careful enough, you will pay an extra of Rp 20,000 and you might not realize it. If you caught it and complain it, employees might say “I’m really sorry, there seems to be a mistake. Here’s Rp 20,000 for the additional amount”, but only if you realize it and complain. With iSeller mPOS, you don’t have to worry such thing. iSeller mPOS works back-to-back with iSeller POS behind the scene, and all processes are done seamlessly with zero chance of abuse. In addition, iSeller mPOS is among the first in the industry to eliminate the need of swiping credit card two times. Most conventional POS systems will require to swipe the card two times, one for the EDC and another for their POS or cash register.

Recently, Bank Indonesia announced a new regulation stating that business owners are no longer allowed to swipe consumer’s credit card multiple times. The double swipe practice introduces many risks and vulnerable to various frauds and abuses, read more here. Bank Indonesia also state that they will take firm actions for business owners or merchants who still swipe credit card multiple times, read here.

Thankfully, iSeller mPOS is the first and foremost solution in the industry to comply with the new regulations. With iSeller mPOS, you are not required to swipe credit card multiple times. Furthermore, you don’t have to manually write the last number of the credit card as the entire payment process is performed seamlessly and securely. In short, iSeller mPOS provides reliable security and utmost comfortability for both business owners and consumers.

iSeller mPOS accepts numerous payment features that you can choose conveniently such as:

  • All credit cards with VISA, Master, and AMEX logo
  • All local debit cards including popular banks such as BCA, Mandiri, and BNI.
  • JCB international payment card
  • Indosat dompetku mobile payment
  • Indosat D-tap payment
  • More digital payment methods are coming soon.


iSeller mPOS offers the best security and reliability with automatic amount entry and consistent payment data synchronization. Sophisticated integration between iSeller POS and mPOS takes digital payment to a whole new level, combining the benefits of convenience and security at the same time. iSeller mPOS is available for order starting today, and included in flagship iSeller POS packages by default. If you already purchased iSeller POS, you can buy the mPOS separately. Visit iSeller Hardware Store and get your mPOS today.

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