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iSeller Admin App Is Now Available on iOS!

All iOS users, rejoice! Finally, the much anticipated iSeller Admin app for iOS is making its debut in the App Store, just a few months since we launched the Android version to the world. Powered by the company’s flagship Crosslight technology, iSeller Admin app sports beautifully-designed user interface and native experiences that comply to Apple’s latest design guidelines and standards. Rest assured, managing your iSeller store will be much easier, fun and exciting — with all latest information available at your fingertips.

To get started, search “iSeller Admin” on App Store, or simply click this link to download it right now! While waiting, keep reading to learn more about iSeller Admin App for iOS!

Receive instant notifications from your favorite iOS devices

No matter what your favorite iOS devices are, you can always find iSeller Admin app in the App Store. That’s made possible since iSeller apps are designed with Apple’s universal design best practices, enabling it to work on any iDevices running iOS version 9.2 or later, from iPhone 4 generation to the latest iPhone. It also runs perfectly on the latest iOS 11. And best of all, iSeller apps are optimized for iPad and iPad Pro 12.9”, so you can enjoy managing your business with the larger, crystal-clear Retina display.

Similar to its Android counterpart, the iOS version of iSeller Admin lets you easily monitor your business anywhere and anytime through real-time notifications. Whenever there are important events like order notifications and low-stock alert, iSeller Cloud automatically push the notifications to your iOS devices.

iphone x notifs

Specifically, iSeller Admin for iOS supports the following notifications:
– Notifications when an order has been made or void.
– Notifications when your inventory is on low stock, as well as when your inventory is completely out of stock.
– Notifications when user (store managers or cashiers) close the register or change their shift.

Stunning dashboard with bigger, 12.9” iPad Pro

Optimized for iPad and iPad Pro, iSeller Admin presents your sales trends, best selling, and top products graphics in a spacious, stunning dashboard view. It provides four predefined views that you can easily switch with a simple tap, and voila, see the chart updates instantenously with buttery-smooth animation.

ipad + iphone dashboard

And not just iPad, the iSeller Admin app also works equally beautiful in various iPhone models including 4”, 4.7” and 5.5” screens — thanks to the universal design support built in the app. All interface elements such as the dashboard charts automatically scale and fit to the designated screen using the highest density supported by the device.

Powerful business intelligent and analytics at your fingertip.

Designed as a primary tool for business owner, the iSeller Admin app lets you easily access comprehensive information about your business, including real-time business report generation and business analytics for quick decision making. You can choose from over 50 reports readily accessible from your iOS devices, customize the date range, viewing charts, as well as adding additional dimensions and metrics that makes the most sense for you. Ultimately, you save a huge amount of energy, time, as well as costs — all with the help of iSeller Admin app.

ipad report


In this post, I’ve just scratched the surface of what the Admin app has to offer. I highly recommend you to download and install the iSeller Admin app to experience it yourself, and see how the Admin app helps you manage your business better. Best of all, the app is free for all iSeller subscribers. So in case you haven’t download yet, click here to download the app now. Last but not least, we hope you loved using the app as much as we loved building it!

Got feedbacks or features you wish to see in our next update? Leave your comment in the box below. Stay tuned for our next post! Cheers!

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