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Kickstart the year 2018 with new iSeller features!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 EVERYBODY! Kicking off this new year, iSeller starts with several new features and integrations for all iSeller subscriber. I’m pleased to announce these new features that will be very useful for you to boost your sales, customer satisfaction, and user experience overall.

Customer group feature

Customer group feature allows you to classify all the customers with certain requirements. For example, all customers who signed up from December 2017 will be classified to one group. Another example is customers who have spent a certain amount of money can be classified into one group.

First thing you need to do is set the conditions for your customer group. All customers who met the conditions you set will be automatically included into the customer group.

1 conditions

After you have met your conditions, you can simply create new customer group with the specified filtered conditions. Below image is the result of customer groups that have been created.

2 customer group

This feature is very helpful for you to classify your customers in the way that make sense to you. Thanks to this handy feature, you don’t have to spend a long, horrid, hours to classify your customers, we did it for you in an instant. What’s better is that you can apply specific discount for specific customer group. Keep reading!

Customer discount feature

Another amazing discount feature for you! Now you can set discount for specific customers easily. You found one customer who is extremely royal and loyal? Give your customer an intriguing discounts to maintain their loyalty.

3 customer discount

Simply set your design for your specific customers and edit it as you deem suitable. Marketing became more focused and easy for you!

Customer photo feature

Add more color and flexibility for your customers with customer photo feature! Boost your relationship with your customer by remembering their face and detailed information.

4 cust

Business owner can effortlessly upload the image of the customer from their web admin, as shown as above image. Not only that, customers can upload their own image from the customer portal, on your online store. Customer relationship done right.

5 customer pict

Improved customer list UI

Good UI is where you put less effort to get your end result. With this new improvement, we provide clearer customer list UI for you which create faster and easier customer.

6 customer view

You’re right! We provide better customer list UI which show phone number and email for your customer list. You don’t have to tap your customer name in order get their phone number and email. This improvement will totally saves your time and make your life a lot easier.

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Support

Every modern business must have digital market analytics such as Google analytics or Facebook Pixel, and iSeller support both of them. See we care for you and your business, that’s why our online store platform is fully integrated with Google analytics and Facebook Pixel. Boost your marketing to the right customer with these features and maximize your marketing effort now!

7 google docs and facebook pixel

All you have to do is activate the setting for Google analytics and Facebook Pixel and input your ID for selected tools. Your online store is now integrated with Google analytics and Facebook Pixel and ready to maximize your marketing effort!

Full iPhone X support

Rejoice for all iPhone X owner! iSeller kicks of the new year with the all-new iSeller Admin App fully optimized for iPhone X. Combination of gorgeous dashboard and elegant iPhone X design just makes it wonderful.

8 iphone x

iSeller Admin app is compiled of sophisticated reporting yet easy-to-use interface, we aimed to provide ultimate convenient for you. Thanks to our award-winning designer, no matter what your device is, our apps will be automatically optimized and perfectly fit for your device.


All of our small yet impactful improvements and new features are provided for you to make your business faster and easier. Aside from these improvements and new features, we also provide lots of integrations with our business partners and more exciting features! So subscribe to our blog and get updates on our new features instantly!

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