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Customer di Restoran Kamu Berkurang Saat Pandemi? Cek Tipsnya!

You got less customer in your restaurant due to Covid19? Don’t worry, you can fix it! Just check out these tips for us and you will be fine!

Tertarik Bangun Bisnis Foodcourt? Simak Tipsnya!

You can’t say building a foodcourt is a bad idea in this Covid-19 time. With a good strategy, such as implementing online ordering system, you can still build your dream business. Check out the tips from iSeller here!

7 Manfaat Teknologi untuk Bisnis Kamu

Are you still doing manual labors in your business? Well, that is so old-fashioned. You need to implement digital system so that your business can run more efficiently!

Cara Menerapkan Contactless Dining di Restoran Kamu

Build a modern restaurant with contactless dining system to give your customers a whole new experience. Run it digitally and manage your restaurant at ease!