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New Simplicity Theme for Online Store

Today we’re pleased to introduce our newest addition in our vast collection of modern themes. It is named Simplicity due to its simple yet elegant feel that we want to capture when customers surf in the store. This theme was inspired by our premium online store merchant, Christin Wu. She makes high heels shoes exclusively for women with the finest and the best material to ensure a high quality of her products. With that, we are inspired to engineer a new theme that suits very much to her taste. Visit to explore a whole new experience when browsing iSeller store.

Additional Settings

In addition to Simplicity, we also added several settings to maintain the flexibility of configuring the theme to your liking.

Enable Product Sorting

This allows you to show or hide the sorting selection in products page. This is actually one of the Christin Wu’s requests to hide it, but we feel we should be able to give more freedom to toggle the visibility.

Default Product Sorting

Another enhancement we made is to give merchant the opportunity to change product sorting the first time that users land on the products page. We think this is also one of the important improvements as merchant controls what customers see first in terms of browsing experience.

Side Menu

Introducing custom side menu navigation in products. This is definitely the most useful updates for iSeller theme to date. With previous ones, the side menu only shows the collections and vendor names without any flexibility to change it. We provided a nested custom side menu so you have more options on what to show on the side menu.

That’s it for today, have fun exploring the new theme and let us know if you have anything in mind to make the next theme even better!

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