Kitchen Display System Benefits for Various Restaurant Departments

Kitchen Display System Benefits for Various F&B Departments

In my previous post, I have discussed various benefits from KDS (kitchen display system), most of those benefits are designated for modern business-owner. Aside from giving tremendous benefits to business owner, KDS is proven to provide various benefits to different F&B departments such as: kitchen department, bartenders, and waiter/waitress. In this opportunity, I will share with you some benefits KDS provide for those F&B departments.

Benefits for Bartenders

Aside from serving foods, modern restaurant is demanded to serve drinks. Some restaurants might provide unique drinks with various categories. In this case, order tickets might be exposed to the risks of paper damaged, paper loss, inefficiency, and inaccuracy when completing order. This risks will surely reduce customer’s satisfaction and in the end will drop your sales.


By applying KDS, those risks can be averted and several benefits can be received for bartenders such as:

  1. Prevent the risk of order loss/damaged: Using paper to complete order have so many risks. One of the major risk is paper loss or damaged. As we know, restaurant is a hectic place and a piece of fragile paper can be damaged or misplaced easily. Even if paper tickets are handled properly, it is very difficult to distinguish from each other and it’s most likely damaged by spills, splattered, and heat or lost from the restaurant’s hectic situation. By applying KDS, orders received from waiter/waitress will be instantly transmitted to bartender’s display system without any paper trail.  Henceforth, you eliminate the use of paper which then will eliminate the possibility of paper loss and paper damages. 
  2. Significantly increase productivity:  Imagine if your restaurant is very packed and hectic on a certain day and your bartender need to wait for an uncertain amount of time before completing the orders. Bartender’s productivity will surely dropped, and orders will be delayed and customer satisfaction will certainly reduced. By applying KDS for bartenders, orders made by waiters and waitresses can instantly send beverages order to bartender’s display system. Furthermore, bartender can instantly complete the order without waiting for an indefinite amount of time. This will significantly increase the productivity of your restaurant. Thanks to KDS’ crystal clear and brightly lit interface and easy to read screen, bartenders doesn’t need extra time to decipher order tickets which will happen when you use paper order ticket.
  3. Increase order accuracy: When you apply KDS for you bartender display, all of the orders transmitted to bartender’s display system will be as clear as crystal with brightly lit interfaces and easy to read screen. These features increase accuracy and prevent errors which in the long-run will increase customer satisfaction. Kitchen display system is also capable of alerting staff if an order is not being prepared within a prescribed time frame, allowing bartender accomplish all order with full accuracy and minimal delay.

Benefits for Kitchen Departments.

Most benefits KDS provide for bartenders can also be applied with kitchen departments. Kitchen department’s is often associated to a war zone, where blazing heat and water splashes is everywhere. This is clearly not a place for fragile paper, as it can be damaged and misplaced easily. You need a robust and tough system to withstand and endure this kind of situation, and KDS is the right fit for this job.


Several advantages KDS provide for kitchen departments are:

  1. Prevent the risk of order loss/damaged: Just like bartenders, using paper to complete order for kitchen department have so many risks, especially with the hectic working environments. Order tickets can be easily damaged, making chef unable to decipher the order ticket. Just like bartender’s display system, kitchen display system will receive order tickets instantly and will be displayed in an easy to read screen. Additionally, KDS is built with more robust hardware which is able to withstand kitchen’s heat and water splashes.
  2. Significantly increase productivity: Robust software installed within KDS capable to store and display numerous orders. A kitchen display system also bolsters efficiency and productivity  by eliminating the need for kitchen staff to waste time deciphering paper tickets, and by alerting staff if an order is not being prepared within a prescribed time frame. Orders may be moved, prioritized, or transferred kitchen department instantly in order to minimize delays. In fact, the increased efficiency afforded by a kitchen display system are so significant that it is possible to produce more orders without increasing kitchen staff and incurring additional labor expenditures.
  3. Increase order accuracy: Kitchen display system is comprised with crystal clear and brightly lit interfaces and easy to read screen which promotes order accuracy and eliminate possible error. Increasing order accuracy will increase customer satisfaction.
  4. Improve inventory management: Good KDS system will alert you when certain ingredients is almost out-of-stock. Your inventory will be managed effortlessly and all ingredients will always be ready anytime.

Benefits for Serving Departments

Kitchen display system also provide various benefits for waiters and waitresses. With the integration between POS (point of sale) and KDS, efficiency and productivity is certainly increased significantly. Although KDS does not really affect waiters and waitresses, by applying KDS in a restaurant, waiters and waitresses can also experience an improvement in the workflow as well as customer satisfaction. As we know, waiters and waitresses are the front-line army where they experience customer’s complaints first-hand, which could be very stressful for them.

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These can be avoided with the help of KDS, several advantages KDS provide for waiters and waitresses are:

  1. KDS integration with POS will increase productivity and efficiency: Integration between POS and KDS will increase the productivity and efficiency of waiters/waitresses. Order from waiters/waitresses will be instantly transmitted to designated departments (drinks to bartenders and food to kitchen). This will surely increase speed and accuracy and reduce any possible mishaps.
  2. Minimize customer complaints: F&B business is vulnerable to customer complaints. Even the slightest delay could create complaints and reduce customer satisfaction. With the integration between POS and KDS that increase speed and accuracy, customer complaints will be reduced significantly.
  3. Increase competitive advantage: Integration between POS and KDS demanded waiters/waitresses to use point-of-sale to take order. This is a great upgrade and brought so many benefits especially if you apply cloud-based POS. Switching to cloud-based POS and integrate it with KDS will create competitive advantage and surely boost your sales. Find various benefits of cloud-based POS here. 
  4. Reduce headaches and work stress: As we know KDS will reduce complaints from customer and increase work efficiency. When kitchen department lost the order tickets, waiters and waitresses must confront customer to retake the order with the risk of reducing customer satisfaction and receiving customer complaints, this will create more stress. By applying POS and KDS integration, complaints from customer is surely reduced, headaches and work stress will significantly reduced due to improved efficiency.

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