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Increase Your Profit with iSeller Happy Hour Feature

What is Happy Hour? Happy Hours is a marketing strategy that is used by lots of businesses to offer their customers various of advantages (discounts, promotions, special food and beverages, etc.) in a specific time of the days to attract more customers. The concept of Happy Hour is most likely to happen during after-work hours and it’s clearly known that Happy Hours is used to advertise off-peak prices.


According to National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast, 77 percent of adults, including 85 percent of millennials, surveyed said they would visit a bar or restaurant during off-peak hours if they received a discount. The popularity of applying Happy Hour is proven to increase profit as well as customer retention.

After several hours of extensive research, we have come up with helpful tips in order to optimise your Happy Hour. Keep reading!

Tips to boost your business with Happy Hour!

First of all, don’t rely on simple discounts. To entice customers, create various different menu that is not available during normal hours. This will surely peak your customer’s interest and convince them to purchase an item outside their habitual buying pattern.

If it really comes to offering discounts, get creative!  One of the great tactic is to offer discounts on items intended to be shared with a large party. With this tactic, an entire group of friends or a whole family will come to take advantages of the deal. Your goal is to attract as many customers as possible, so think big group platter discounts.

Third tips, promote your Happy Hour. If your customers aren’t aware of your Happy Hour, your special menu, your special discounts, they will have no reason to show up. Take advantage of your menu, wall space and various marketing tools to promote your Happy Hour. What’s make it better is to put creative signage out front or on a chalkboard with the daily specials to generate initial interest.


That said, if your customers aren’t aware of your Happy Hour, your special menu, or your discounts, they’ll have no reason to show up. Take advantage of your menu and wall space and include a fair amount of in-bar marketing to promote your revamped Happy Hour. Put up creative signage out front or on a chalkboard with the daily specials to generate initial interest.

Another tips is to provide more finger-food special offer rather than full-plate food. Why finger-food? Because there will be less mess and less time wasted to wash the dishes and kitchen utensils. Based on experts research, re-purchase of finger-foods is higher rather than full-plate dishes.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to host live events during your Happy Hour such as live music or even live stand-up comedy. This will attract more customers  and more seats will be filled. Follow these tips and start to see significant profits right out of the gate.

Benefits of having Happy Hour

Happy Hour often provide various discounts and special products, and everyone love discounts and special products. With Happy Hour, you will surely increase your customer relationship and customer retention. Boosting your Happy Hour on social media will create more digital awareness and attract more and more customers which in the end will increase your sales and profit.

Not only increasing customer relationship and their retention, providing Happy Hour will surely increase their satisfaction and their tendency to bring back new customers to your restaurants.

Happy Hour is a great opportunity for you to introduce new food or beverages. When you wanted to “experiment” with new foods or beverages, you could create limited offer of new products and apply it only during Happy Hour.

iSeller now support Happy Hour for your growing business!

Good news for all iSeller customers! We now provide Happy Hour features for your business – integrated right from the iSeller POS. To set your Happy Hour, simply create a new promotion in the iSeller web portal, then pay attention on the Date Range section in the right panel. Finally, easily set the days and time range you would like to run for the promotions. See the screenshot below for example.


With just simple taps, you can easily set your Happy Hour promotions immediately! Even better, your new promotions will be updated to your POS devices automatically, ensuring cashiers and staffs have access to all latest promotions without requiring extranous effort or hassles. And best of all, iSeller’s promotions are applied system-wide automatically without requiring human intervention. This means that, given the above example, as soon as the promotion takes affect, the discount will be applied on every order on the weekend between 5pm – 9pm. Say goodbye to discount selection mistakes!


Happy Hour is proven to bring various benefits for your business, and it’s a great opportunity for you to increase your brand as well as promoting new foods and beverages. With iSeller, setting Happy Hour is truly a breeze and can be done in only several steps.

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