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Introducing New Live Chat in Admin App

Supporting our beloved clients is the greatest pleasure for us. As I mentioned in the previous blog that we introduced iSeller Docs, now we’re enhancing the experience for you to access it even easier. We’re shutting down Whatsapp assistance to improve iSeller support service. But, don’t worry, because we are now releasing integrated live chat support in iSeller Admin and help desk in iSeller Web Admin!


Get Support Anytime, Anywhere!

Now you can reach us anytime, anywhere, right from the iSeller Admin App. Whether you are on your way to your office, or in a restaurant waiting for your food to be served, you can easily get to us right from your Admin App just with a few clicks! Admin App is a powerful mobile application built to keep you updated about your sales and reports. Information on your sales, orders, and reports is now accessible on your phone. And with this new Live Chat integration, not only will u be able to access all those greatness, but you can also send us direct message through the app! We also can get back at you faster and help you with anything you need.


Easy Access to Our Docs

Beside Live Chat, we also implemented an easy access to our complete product documentation. You don’t have to open your browser to access our help center anymore because you can just do it right from the application. Just type anything you want to know in the box, and our system will provide the most suitable answer for you.


Give Your Feedbacks

You can also give your feedbacks to us to help us get better. Tell us your experience, what you think and feel about using iSeller. Or even better, if you have a new feature on your mind, you can suggest it to us! You can request what you need for your store too. We would really appreciate any feedbacks and suggestion. So, don’t hesitate and just tell us what is on your mind.


More Help Available in Admin Page

This Live Chat Integration also appears in your web admin page. You can reach us just as easily as you do in iSeller Admin app (Android / iOS). Beside Live Chat Integration, we also released more help options. Now you can access our documentation easier with help button at the bottom most of navigation menu. Also, we provided a button that will connect you to a perfect documentation for every configuration. Just click the question mark button on the top right corner, and you will be redirected automatically!

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 11.03.27 AM Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 11.04.08 AM

Well, that is all about it. You can read our documentation here to learn more about this release. Access Contact Us in the navigation menu, and you will be connected to us. Haven’t used iSeller yet? This is the perfect time for you. Just register your account for a free 14 days full experience with us! Stay tuned to our blog, and I will see you in our next post.

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