The Future of Online Shopping is here, Live Shopping lewat TikTok Shop!

Sobat Seller, sadar gak sih kalian kalau live shopping lagi digandrungi banget? Bahkan, TikTok mencatat jumlah pesanan melalui TikTok live shopping yang meningkat sebanyak 354%.

Dengan data yang tercatat, gak heran kalau live shopping ini ke depannya akan menjadi future of online shopping. Penasaran? Yuk, kita bahas di artikel ini!

Kitchen Display System Benefits for Various Restaurant Departments

In my previous post, I have discussed various benefits from KDS (kitchen display system), most of those benefits are designated for modern business-owner. Aside from giving tremendous benefits to business owner, KDS is proven to provide various benefits to different F&B departments such as: kitchen department, bartenders, and waiter/waitress. In this opportunity, I will shareContinue reading “Kitchen Display System Benefits for Various Restaurant Departments”

Save Cost and Increase Efficiency with Wireless Kitchen Display System

Kitchen workplace is getting more efficient and updated and it keeps upgrading from time to time. Originally, paper tickets were placed in a row for kitchen staff to see, this old style have so many risks, very costly, and very inefficient. In this modern business generation, technology plays an important role for modern businesses. OneContinue reading “Save Cost and Increase Efficiency with Wireless Kitchen Display System”